Saturday, November 3, 2012

New York Marathon - Cancelled

This year my big race was the New York Marathon!  Tomorrow morning, in a normal year, I would have been running it.  Instead, as you all know, the marathon was cancelled.  And, now I plan to run around central park in the morning before I head back home to the bay area.

Yes, I made the trip out here.  After the storm, I was very unsure what to do and expected that more likely than not the race would be cancelled or postponed.  I checked often for updates on the marathon and on my flight.  My flight was scheduled for Thursday morning from SFO to Newark.  I thought about calling off the trip, but we had used miles for the flights and paid for the hotel.  Thus, as Wed came, my wife and I agreed that we would go if the marathon is on and our flight was not cancelled.

I check the marathon and flight status late Wed and early Thursday.  Everything was a go, so I woke my two year up at 5:30am to make the flight.

We landed on time in Newark and had a car waiting for us.  We decided to get a car because we heard of the gas problems.  On my way to the hotel in New York, talking to the driver, I started to question whether I should be out here.  The driver told me that many people were not happy the marathon was taking place.  Back at the hotel, I saw a lot more images of the damage done by Sandy.  My wife told me, should we be out here for a marathon?  I was not sure. We had followed what we heard from about the marathon being on and made the trip.

On Friday, we went to the expo.  I picked up my bib and shirt.  And, started to feel okay about running.  I felt horrible about the damage and the lost lives.  Yet, I thought that I could run this marathon.

Then, we loaded a shuttle to head back towards the hotel.  On the shuttle my wife told me she heard some one behind us say the marathon was called off.  I told her she must have misunderstood.  I checked cnn and espn and sure enough the marathon was off.  News spread fast.  Everyone was checking their smartphone.  There was silence on the bus.  People did not know what to say or how to react.

I brought my family out here and wanted to run the marathon.  I was disappointed.  But, I understood the decision.  Especially being out here as I questioned whether I should run.  My heart was torn as to whether I should even be out here.  I know my running friends were just getting off a plane and heading to New York when the news broke.  I thought of the people I spoke to who had traveled great distances to come to New York.  Yet, I also thought of the people who lost their lives, who lost their homes, and those who are still struggling to survive.  I understood the decision to cancel the marathon.

I wish the decision was made sooner.  If I knew the marathon might be cancelled and was not "on" on Wednesday, I would have never made the trip. 

However, I don't feel bad for the trip I made out here. I was able to spend the weekend with my wife and daughter in New York.  I will not run a marathon in New York, but I will run in Central Park.  My life will be back to normal on Monday.  Yet, many people affected by the storm will be affected for years.  I'm disappointed that the marathon was cancelled, but my heart goes to the people that lost so much due the Storm.  I wish a fast recovery for those who were affected by the storm.  There will be another marathon.  And, I will run the NY marathon another time.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Marathoners: Do you find this annoying?

As I last posted, I ran the SF marathon on Sunday.  I had a blog post on it and also posted to facebook.  A friend of a family member who is a "friend" of mine on facebook (but otherwise do not know real well) posted the following either later that day or early the next day:

Not only did he post it, but then changed it as his main picture.  Maybe because I just ran a marathon, I found this annoying.

I would never compare running a marathon to an ironman.  Heck - the marathon is after you swim and biked a crazy distance.  I know that I could not come close right now to doing an ironman.

I think people should be very proud of their accomplishments, but I don't understand the need to say "Oh, you ran a marathon?  That's cute".  That just seems arrogant to me.  I hope I would not tell someone that just ran their first half "Oh, you ran a half?  That's cute" and then put a 26.2 sign up.

I do hope to do an ironman one day.  It is on my list along with doing an ultra.  It is not in my current plan because (i) have more than a full time job (more than 50 hours per week), (ii) I'm an adjunct professor (one class each semester) and (iii) I have a young daughter who I want to spend time with on my free time.  Thus, no time for the training.  A sign like this does light a fire in me and makes me want to do it . . . but I think I prefer a 50 mile run first.

Anyone else find this a bit irritating or annoying?  I do understand that some/most/all of us marathoners can be a bit irritating to people that do not run marathons.

Maybe, I need to do an ironman so that I can understand the need to post this after someone just ran a marathon.   If I ever end up doing an ironman, will I also now have disdain for marathon runners?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

SF marathon done! 10th marathon!

It was far from my best time, but I finished it!  And, it was a course PR (though only the second time running it)

Before Big Sur marathon, I hurt my ankle.  I ran on a very sore ankle at the Big Sur marathon and since that time I have not been able to do any hill runs, speed workouts, tempo runs.  So basically, I did not do any training that might actually help my "speed" after the ankle injury. I ran generally about once a week most weeks due to my ankle being injured.  I would do a long run on the weekend and then have to rest my ankle during the week so that I could do another long run on the next weekend (at times I could get 1 easy run in on a Thursday or Friday).

Then, my calf (on the same leg) got injured two or so weeks ago.  I had to walk three miles back to my car when it got injured. It has been bothering me since.

This really lead to many questions about whether I should have rested after Big Sur.  After Big Sur I tried to take it a little easier and hoped the ankle would get better by not pushing it too hard.  The smart decision would have been to take 3 or so weeks off after Big Sur, but I did not and it was a bit too late to take time off after the ankle did not get better with SF around the corner.

Thus, my expectations were not high.  I was just hoping that I could complete the marathon.  And I did!

I started out a little slow, tried to get my legs loose and into it.  My wife was running the first half so I ran near/next to her for most of the first half.  We were keeping about a 9:05-9:10 pace.  I felt okay, but my calf was tight (it has been since I hurt it) and the hills (especially the downhills) brought pain to it.

The GG bridge was very foggy and did not have great views, but it was still nice running on the bridge.  I was starting to have stomach issues so I stopped at the restrooms on the lookout after getting off the GGB.  There was a little line and I was about 9:16 avg pace when I started running again.  I pushed to get closer to my wife.  I caught her on the hill after coming off the GGB.  I then tried to keep about a 9:09 or so pace to get her close to the 2 hour mark for the half.  She was a head of me at times, but then fell a little behind me.  I slowed down before the cut off and when she caught up I tried to give her some words of encouragement.  She came in at the 2 hour mark.  A PR for her.

I was doing okay at the half way point, but by mile 15 my calf was starting to really hurt.  I also stopped to use the rest room again (I don't know what goes on with my stomach and marathons).  By the time I got back to running I was at a 9:17 or so avg pace.

In the back of my head is to beat 4, but I knew that was not a strong possibility.  I pushed forward and tried to get my avg pace down, but the faster I ran the more my ankle and calf hurt.  I decided to not try to push for under 4.  I just wanted to finish.  I was worried about my calf and if it hurt like it did two weeks ago, I would not be able to run.

I focused on getting out of GG park.  Too many miles in that park.  But, about mile 19 I was finally out of GG park and then I just focused on running and kept a steady pace. I kept my avg pace according to my Garmin at 9:17 (which was a little off due to it reading the course long, showed my running further than what I actually ran).

I stopped to refill my water bottle two times and to use the rest room two time.  Other than that I kept running.  I was tired about mile 22/23, but it was so close that I just focused on trying to knock 1 mile off at a time.

I finally got to AT&T Park and then to the bay bridge.  My Garmin has already showed me past 26.2 so I'm a bit annoyed (where is that finish).  But, then I see it and soon I cross the finish line.  I finish with a time about 4:05 and 50 seconds.  Not bad considering the injuries caused my training to be horrible.

My daughter with the medals:

I was a bit surprised that the half medal was not even a 1/4 of the size of the full medal.  But my daughter said, Brooklyn size medal.

Overall:  I was very happy to finish. I felt that I pushed through the injuries (maybe not the smartest) and accomplished a goal.  I will now rest for a few weeks and hope to get healthy for the NY Marathon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SF Marathon: Two Weeks Away and Still Injured

Hi - hope everyone is doing great and had an awesome 4th.  I spend the week of the 4th in Tahoe and it was great.

I wish I could say the same for my running.  Since I hurt my ankle before Big Sur, it has been a tough couple of months with limited running.  I basically do a long run on the weekend, ankle is very sore, I rest 4 or 5 days, do a short easy run to see how it feels, rest my ankle for a day or two, do a long run, ankle is very sore . . .  endless cycle.

My plan all along was to try to do the SF marathon and then "rest" after the marathon.  I've been able to do the long runs . . . a 18 mile run, a 20 mile run and a 22 mile run.  My speed has suffered due to the no speed work (ankle has been too sore after the long run for a speed workout).

This past Sunday, I went out to run with the San Fran Marathon training group (where I'm a pacer).  We had a 16 mile run planned.  I started out strong and we were going at a good pace.  But, about 4 miles in my calf started hurting.  Before mile 5, I had to pull up due major pain in my calf.  My running group stopped with me. I tried to stretch and walk it off.  Then, I tried to run again, within a few steps I had to pull up again.  I told the runners to go on.  I tried to walk for a while, but when I tried to run again, within two steps I had to pull up.  I turned around and walked back to my car. I did try to run a couple of times on the long walk back, but had no luck and the pain was worse each time I tried.

My calf is still sore!  I'm just hoping it gets better.

Good news:  I finally went the doctor and had an x-ray on my ankle - no fracture!  Yes!!!  Which means I still have some hope of running SF marathon.  The Dr said they needed an MRI to tell if I tore something in my calf and she stated we could go that route if it did not heal in 3-4 weeks (. . . yes . . . 3 to 4 weeks is beyond two weeks).  She also could not recommend me running the marathon unless the calf healed up real quick.

Right now - I'm just taking it easy this week and hoping for the best.

Also - I cannot tell you how difficult it was to get my x-ray result.  I received an e-mail that my x-ray result was in and I just needed to log into the online account.  Problem - I could not remember my password.  After trying a number to typical passwords I use, I got locked out of my online account (I hate when that occurs).  Then, I spent at least a 1/2 an hour getting my account open again.  The Dr said she would call me if there was an issue.  Another problem - my home number (the number on record) was not working (not sure why, but no dial tone).  I could not change my home number via the phone or website (could not log-in).  Very frustrating process.

I was able to finally decided to leave early and drive to the Dr's office to get my x-ray result, I needed to know whether or not I had a fracture.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello - quick update


I thought I would give a quick update since my last post was re the Big Sur marathon.

I am generally very bad at staying updated and even worse when I have not been running much.  My ankle has been sore every since Big Sur.  I take some time off and then try to run again . . . sore.  Take more time off . . . run again . . . sore . . . sore . . . sore.

Injuries are horrible.  Guess that's what I get for running a marathon on a sore/sprained/injured ankle.

What's next - hopefully get healthy.  My ankle is slowing getting better, but the SF marathon is coming quick.  Can I get ready for it?  I don't know because I'm not sure how my ankle will hold up on the long runs.

In the meantime - I bought P90X and have been doing that for exercise.  Has anyone done it?  Right now, I'm following the program, but as I add more runs into my routine it will be very hard (if not impossible) to stay on the program.

Hope all is well.  Happy running . . . 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Big Sur Marathon Race Report!

I meant to post this earlier in the week, but had a busy work week.

I injured my ankle about three weeks before the Big Sur marathon.  Not entirely sure how, I think I sprained it when I was out running in Rancho in the rain (the footing was bad and I almost fell a couple of times).  To make a long story short, on Monday (the week of the marathon) I was still limping around after trying to run 5 miles on it over the weekend.  I was not sure I would make it to the start line. 

I had made an appointment to see a chiropractor.  I've never went to a chiropractor before, but I was desperate.  Even though I was having pain in my ankle, they started with adjusting my neck and hips.  I thought that was a little old, but since I do not have "Dr." by my name I went along with it.  It was strange to go into a place and 10 mins later they have you in what I view as awkward positions and the chiropractor uses force to move your body around.  If it gets me to the start line, as long as you don't break my neck, I was willing to let them adjust whatever they thought needed adjusting.

I went back for a second visit later in the week.  The Chiropractor also does similar things that my prior PT would do (like deep massage and exercises).

By Friday my ankle was not "as sore" as earlier in the week.  Maybe the Chiropractor helped and also the rest helped (I did not run).  So I felt that I would make it to the start line.

I've never ran Big Sur before, but it has a lot of hills.  With my sore ankle I decided I would run, but would "take it easy" or "not push myself too hard".  Which meant I was going to try to come in between 4 and 4:30pm.

My plan was to start with a 9:30 pace, see how the ankle feels and then decide whether I can go a little faster or if I need to slow down.  Since I hurt the ankle, the faster I ran the more it hurt.  I booked a hotel in Monterey and drove down on Sat am for the expo and to hang out.  I  brought my wife and daughter with me (which meant it was critical to sleep in a little on Friday).  Sleeping in the same room with a two year is not easy.  She makes a lot of noise.

In Summary - I have some pictures below:  Big Sur has great views.  I've never seen so many runners stop along the side to take pictures.  I started off with a slower pace and felt good the first few miles.  My ankle was doing okay.  The problem was that my stomach was not doing okay.  I started at a 9:30 pace and then slowly increased to about 9:10, but then I had to use a porta potty - I mean I had to use it and wait in line.  By the time I was able to run again, my avg pace was 9:30.  I ran hard to get my pace back down to 9:10 and to be able to catch up to one of my running friends, but then about mile 8 - had to stop for the porta potty again.  My avg pace was back again at 9:30 after waiting in line and then using it.

I decided that I was just going to try to keep the 9:30 pace as there was a large climb in miles 10-12 (Hurricane point).  I was feeling good and kept the 9:30 pace even though I had two more pit stops (very frustrating).  I was not sure what was going on with my stomach but before the last pit stop I felt I was going to throw up.  Overall, though I was doing okay.  The ankle was more sore than it had been at the start, but I felt I could run on it even though there was some pain with every step.

So even with the pit stops I was on pace for about 4:08-4:10 marathon.  However, at mile 22 "the wall" hit me and I struggled.  I think in mile 22 I had a 13 min mile.  Part of that was the last pit stop and part of it was walking up a hill (I was tired and had ran up all the hills and the entire course except for the pit stops up to that point).  Alot of people were walking and I pushed about halfway up the hill (this was Yankee point) but about the halfway mark I gave into my fatigue and walked.  My ankle was now very sore and I was just tired.  At the top I pushed to run again, but was tired.  I continued to run until I saw a strawberry stand.  I love strawberries.  Since I had already walked and had 4 pit stops, I stopped to eat strawberries.  It was AWESOME!

I pushed on and finished the marathon at 4:14 and change.  Far off my PR, but not too off my expected time.  My 9th marathon is in the books!!!!!

As far as the ankle - it is still sore.  I'm resting it (only easy runs) and went to the chiropractor twice this week.  It feels a little better, but still sore and gets worse when I run.  Very frustrating.  I'm hoping it heals soon so I can push forward with my training for the SF marathon.

Some photos (some photos I borrowed from friends who ran big sur) with some comments:

My wife and Brooklyn the day before the marathon - seal in the background

Brooklyn riding a fake horse in Monterey the night before.  It was great having my family there.  They did not go see me run, as my wife took Brooklyn to the Monterey bay aquarium.  The only though part was waking up at 3am and trying to get ready without waking Brooklyn up.

The meal before the race.  Maybe going to an all you can eat buffet was not the best idea. 

 The start line.  I knew 5 people running this race.  It was amazing that we all ran into each other at the start line without having any plan on where to meet.  For Big Sur you have to get up early, the bus left the hotel at 4am.  You are dropped off at 5am (roughly) and have bout 1 hour and 45 mins to wait.  So it is nice to run into running friends and spend time with them.

Me (in the middle) and a couple of my running friends getting ready.
 Here are some pictures of the course:

 The strawberry stand.  If you are not going to PR - it is well worth a stop!

 Me at the finish.

Taking Brooklyn for yogurt to celebrate my 9th marathon!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Week To Go And A Very Sore Ankle

Big Sur is next week. However, for the last couple weeks I have been dealing with a very sore ankle.

The big problem is that I'm not sure what caused it.  I think I can pinpoint the general time frame.  It was raining in the bay area recently and I went for a trail run out in Rancho San Antonio twice when it was pouring rain - which meant the footing was horrible and I lost my balance a couple of times.  Though there was not a moment when a felt an ankle sprain occur.  However, soon after the second run, I started feeling ankle pain - just above the ankle on the exterior.  It was still sore the weekend of my long run to prep for big sur.  I pushed through and ran 20 miles on it.  Since then it has been sore every day.  I took three days off running this week, but after a 5 mile run - very sore.

I do have an appointment with a chiropractor on Monday morning - hoping for some magic!

So not only am I under trained, but now I have to find a way to get my ankle healthy enough so I can run 26.2 miles on Sunday.

I have every intention to still run Big Sur unless it gets significantly worse.  At least I have to give it a shot.  But, this is a disappointment.  I don't have the best of luck when it comes to marathons.  Mostly though it is getting sick and not injuries - though I have had my share of injuries. Very frustrating. My mind is negative right now - so I know I need to start focusing on positive thoughts and even if it is sore the morning of Big Sur I need to believe that it will be okay for 26.2 miles.

Other than that - things have been great.  I took my daughter to the beach two weeks ago.  She had a blast and flew a kite for the first time.  It was so special to see her enjoy some of the little things in life:

flying a kite

Hunting for eggs

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Sur Marathon - my 9th???

Many moons ago I signed up for the Big Sur marathon.  Mostly because it sells out fast and it was on my "to do" marathon list.

Yet - I have been slacking. Mostly do to the same old song:  work, teaching, daughter, travel.

I've been running.  Pacing/coaching with the SF marathon South Bay training group, leading a run at a local running store and running 3-5 times a week.  But, I have not been training . . . for a marathon.  So, I have had my doubts about running Big Sur.

However, I have started to build up my long runs the last 5-6 weeks.  I did a 16 mile run and two 18 mile run.  Next weekend will be my 20 mile run.  So, I think I'm going to go for it.  I have a few running friends running it, so it will be great to see them in the race.

As long as I can get my 20 mile run in, then I'll give it a shot.  The plan will be to not "race" it, but to just go out there and run a solid pace (not sure what a solid pace will be yet).  I would like to have got in 1 or 2 more 20 mile runs, but not enough weeks left.

The big issue is that I need to find a hotel.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Caballo Blanco Thoughts

I was find it a bit strange when someone dies that I do not really know.  I've lost people that have been close to me (like my dad and recently my grandmother) so I try to keep it in perspective.

With that said, I was sad when I heard Caballo Blanco was dead.  I did not know him.  I only read of him.  But, he was an inspiration.  I was already running marathons before I read born to run, but reading of him gave me inspiration to one day run ultras.  More importantly, reading of him (and people like him) helps me stay in touch with my love for running.

I wish I could have met him. But, through born to run and all of the blogs and articles about him, I feel that I sort of have met him.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Awesome run in the Rain at Rancho

It was very rainy today (Tuesday) in the bay area.  I mean . . . a lot of rain.

It was also our first run at Rancho this year for the SF marathon training group.  Since I'm a pacer/coach for the South bay group and generally run the hill runs at Rancho I felt I should go.  On my drive over I had a few second thoughts.  Not so much because of running in the rain (it was only 4-5 miles) but for running in the mud where it might be very wet and slippery.  Me + mud + slippery = trouble.

In any event, as I pulled into Rancho I noticed that the parking lot was nearly empty.  It is always packed.  Before I could have additional thoughts about backing out, I saw two people from our group there.  Which meant I'm running.  Not many people showed up due to the rain.

But, those that did went out and did about  4.5 miles of hills.  It was very rainy.  It was cold.  Muddy.  Wet.  Slippery.  But, most of all, it was awesome!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oakland Marathon . . .

DNS for the Oakland half.

I have not really been training hard so when a trip to Lake Tahoe that my wife wanted to take came up, I did not have a big issue having a DNS.  I did really miss seeing all my running friends run and catching views of some of the local bloggers that I follow.

 It is awesome to run into a blogger for the first time and with this being a bay area event, I was looking forward to maybe running into others.  Though, I think only a few bay area bloggers might know who I am.

In Lake Tahoe, I had a great time.  Took Friday off work and was able to spend the weekend with my wife and Brooklyn, the best two year old in the entire world.  :)

Brooklyn had blast playing in the snow.  We went for a short walk after we arrived and she found a good patch of snow and immediate started to eat it.  As long as the snow was not yellow, I was okay with her trying some.  We also took her on a snow shoe hike - we pulled her in a slide.  She enjoyed walking in the snow (which meant our hike went really slow at times).  She also went ice skating for the first time.  And, did some jumping.

A video and some pictures:

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm completely exhausted.  Work has been busy, I teach and then have a great two year old.  All of that means it has been tough to build up the miles. And, I have not done a great job.

Since CIM I've done one 14 mile trail run, one 10 miler and a number of 7 milers.  I've run 3 to 5 days a week, but my weekly miles have generally been in the 20s (with only 1 week in the mid-30s).  Very little speed workouts!

That's okay as I am keeping my base, but I am not getting in "race shape".  That presents a problem when I have Oakland Half on March 25th and then Big Sur which is April 29th.

I have just not got the training in for either of these races.  Which means "if" I run them, I'm not "racing them".  Or, I don't think I can race them.

I have to decide whether I even want to race them.  Oakland is coming up so I won't be able to get in race shape for a 1/2 marathon.  So I need to decide whether I want to even run it.  The main negatives for running it are:  (i) have to drive to Oakland, (ii) have to get a hotel (if I don't then that means I need to drive out there for the expo and then for the race), (iii) time away from my daughter, and (iv) I might not enjoy it since I'm not ready for it.

The reasons to race it:  (i) some of my running friends are running it so it will be great to see people on the course, (ii) I've paid for it, and (iii) won't have to worry about restrooms or water.

For Big Sur, the question will be whether I can get some long runs to build my endurance.  I would not race that marathon, but try to just enjoy it.

I've been running, but not "long runs" and my weekly mileage is low (generally in the 20s save for 1 week in the 30s).  I have not got in speed workouts or tempo runs. So it looks like I will have to cancel at least Oakland and likely Big Sur.

I could attempt to increase my miles to get me ready, but work has just been so busy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brooklyn is sick!

I hate it when my daughter gets sick.

I went for a run tonight and when I came home I gave my daughter a kiss on the forehead.  She felt hot.  After a while she still felt hot.  We checked her temperature and it was 103.2!  We tried to give her some medicine and she threw up . . . all over herself and my wife.  My wife felt liking throwing up after having barf all over her.  I just felt bad for my daughter and tried to get her clean as soon as possible without worrying about the smell.

She is sleeping now so hopefully she can have a good night's sleep.  I hate it when she gets sick.  I feel so useless.  She is a trooper so I'm hoping she can fight this off.  I hate the fever too.  I am getting used to colds . . . the running noise and caught.  However, I am not no where close to be comfortable when she has a fever.

On the running front, I got in 35-36 miles last week with a nice 14-15 mile run at Rancho (sometimes I love being out on the trails).

Take care and good running!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Go Niners!


There has been so many things I've wanted to blog about, but like always a day or a week goes by and then I forgot about what I wanted to blog about.  So let's try a quick update about posts that might have been if I made more time to update this blog:

1.  Go Niners!  I went to the game last Sat and it was, without a doubt, the best game I have ever been to.  I stood most of the time.

2.  I am going the NFC title game this Sunday.  It is suppose to rain, but our seats are covered. The problem is that we park about two miles away so hopefully the weather is not too bad.

3.  The SF marathon training program starts this Sunday for the South Bay.  I'm excited to be pacing/coaching again this year.

4.  I had a client meeting in Reno earlier this week.  I had to stay the night which meant I took a little time to have some fun by playing Craps.  I do not gamble much.  I've generally play blackjack if I am in Vegas.  The slots generally just take my money.  The partner I was with wanted to play Craps.  I've watched before to try to understand the game, but that was years ago.  I broke a hundred and started playing (tried to follow the bets the partner made so that I could learn what to do).  After some time, I was down to my last few chips and we were ready to call it a night.  But, we said let's do 1 more roll.  About an hour or two later I made about five hundred.  We had to call it a night due to the client meeting in the am.  It was great to win!

5.  I have been slacking in my running. Only running about three to four times a week and not long miles.  I'm trying to put in a 7-8 mile run this weekend (failed at that this am due to being exhausted from a client deadline).  I'm going to try later tonight.  Then maybe run 10 miles next weekend to get my miles back up there.

6.  I have still not cheated on giving up treats!

Have a good running weekend!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

First 2012 post - goals, update and 49ers


I keep meaning to post, but always seem to get caught up with something else and next thing I know I'm weeks (or a month) past my last post.

Hope everyone had a great new year.  I was in Lake Tahoe for the new year and got a couple of good runs in, but mostly just spent time with my family.

2012 goals(?)
I did not really make specific goals.  I do like making goals, but I tend to make the goals when I feel committed to them, rather than just because of a specific day came.  But, I do have some general goals:

1.  No treats, including ice cream.  Exception for any that have zero saturated fat, zero trans fat and zero Cholesterol.  A few comments:
  • This does not have to be for the entire year.  I have grades.  30 days is a D.  100 days is a C.  1/2 a year is a B and a full year is an A.  So far I'm still trying to not get an F.
  • This goal started on Dec. 21st (so I can have treats in 2012 as long as it is Dec. 22nd or later and still get an A)
  • Reason:  I'm getting additional life insurance and had to take a physical.  My results came Dec. 21st and showed my Cholesterol is elevated - 210.  I decided after a couple hours of thinking and doing some quick research to drop treats (as I love them, especially ice cream).  Overall my Cholesterol is not too bad because I have a lot of good ones (whatever that means).  But, I need to get my number down to below 200.  They did give me rates based on top health rates - so that is some good news, but elevated Cholesterol is still not good. I'm excited to see if this change will make a difference.
  • Yes it was hard to make this goal right before the holidays.  But, I got through it without getting an F.
2.  Run my 9th and 10th marathon this year.
  • I'm signed up for Big Sur, SF marathon and the NY marathon.  Hoping to do at least 2 of them.
3.  Get faster
  • Hopefully get closer to 3:30.  I'll make a specific goal once I get into my training.
Running updates:

1.  I'm leading a running group from a new running store in Los Altos (near my house).  They are starting running groups from their store.  So far I lead a Wed. 6:30am group (there are also runs going on Monday at 6am, Thursday at 9:30am or 6pm, I think).  Basically by "lead" I just have a route planned and make sure no one gets lost.  If any one locally wants to join, please join me!  The runs just started so the word is just getting out.  The store is "on your mark performance" in downtown Los Altos.

2.  I will be pacing/coaching for the SF marathon training (south bay) program again this year.  We start Jan. 22 and Jan 29th.  If any local people are interested, intro programs are on Sunday at 8am at Los Gatos High School.

3.  My neighbor might run his first marathon.  I've been running with him the last few months to build him up.  He has not run longer than 7-8 miles, but is considering building up for the SF marathon.  I would do the long runs with him (and already run in the am weekday with him).  Very exciting.  I hope he does this.  It will be a lot of running for me, but will be so enjoyable.

4.  GOING TO THE 49ER GAME TODAY!  GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care!