Monday, March 26, 2012

Oakland Marathon . . .

DNS for the Oakland half.

I have not really been training hard so when a trip to Lake Tahoe that my wife wanted to take came up, I did not have a big issue having a DNS.  I did really miss seeing all my running friends run and catching views of some of the local bloggers that I follow.

 It is awesome to run into a blogger for the first time and with this being a bay area event, I was looking forward to maybe running into others.  Though, I think only a few bay area bloggers might know who I am.

In Lake Tahoe, I had a great time.  Took Friday off work and was able to spend the weekend with my wife and Brooklyn, the best two year old in the entire world.  :)

Brooklyn had blast playing in the snow.  We went for a short walk after we arrived and she found a good patch of snow and immediate started to eat it.  As long as the snow was not yellow, I was okay with her trying some.  We also took her on a snow shoe hike - we pulled her in a slide.  She enjoyed walking in the snow (which meant our hike went really slow at times).  She also went ice skating for the first time.  And, did some jumping.

A video and some pictures:

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SF Road Warrior said...

Sounds fun! And there'll be other races. :)