Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm completely exhausted.  Work has been busy, I teach and then have a great two year old.  All of that means it has been tough to build up the miles. And, I have not done a great job.

Since CIM I've done one 14 mile trail run, one 10 miler and a number of 7 milers.  I've run 3 to 5 days a week, but my weekly miles have generally been in the 20s (with only 1 week in the mid-30s).  Very little speed workouts!

That's okay as I am keeping my base, but I am not getting in "race shape".  That presents a problem when I have Oakland Half on March 25th and then Big Sur which is April 29th.

I have just not got the training in for either of these races.  Which means "if" I run them, I'm not "racing them".  Or, I don't think I can race them.

I have to decide whether I even want to race them.  Oakland is coming up so I won't be able to get in race shape for a 1/2 marathon.  So I need to decide whether I want to even run it.  The main negatives for running it are:  (i) have to drive to Oakland, (ii) have to get a hotel (if I don't then that means I need to drive out there for the expo and then for the race), (iii) time away from my daughter, and (iv) I might not enjoy it since I'm not ready for it.

The reasons to race it:  (i) some of my running friends are running it so it will be great to see people on the course, (ii) I've paid for it, and (iii) won't have to worry about restrooms or water.

For Big Sur, the question will be whether I can get some long runs to build my endurance.  I would not race that marathon, but try to just enjoy it.

I've been running, but not "long runs" and my weekly mileage is low (generally in the 20s save for 1 week in the 30s).  I have not got in speed workouts or tempo runs. So it looks like I will have to cancel at least Oakland and likely Big Sur.

I could attempt to increase my miles to get me ready, but work has just been so busy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brooklyn is sick!

I hate it when my daughter gets sick.

I went for a run tonight and when I came home I gave my daughter a kiss on the forehead.  She felt hot.  After a while she still felt hot.  We checked her temperature and it was 103.2!  We tried to give her some medicine and she threw up . . . all over herself and my wife.  My wife felt liking throwing up after having barf all over her.  I just felt bad for my daughter and tried to get her clean as soon as possible without worrying about the smell.

She is sleeping now so hopefully she can have a good night's sleep.  I hate it when she gets sick.  I feel so useless.  She is a trooper so I'm hoping she can fight this off.  I hate the fever too.  I am getting used to colds . . . the running noise and caught.  However, I am not no where close to be comfortable when she has a fever.

On the running front, I got in 35-36 miles last week with a nice 14-15 mile run at Rancho (sometimes I love being out on the trails).

Take care and good running!