Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brooklyn is sick!

I hate it when my daughter gets sick.

I went for a run tonight and when I came home I gave my daughter a kiss on the forehead.  She felt hot.  After a while she still felt hot.  We checked her temperature and it was 103.2!  We tried to give her some medicine and she threw up . . . all over herself and my wife.  My wife felt liking throwing up after having barf all over her.  I just felt bad for my daughter and tried to get her clean as soon as possible without worrying about the smell.

She is sleeping now so hopefully she can have a good night's sleep.  I hate it when she gets sick.  I feel so useless.  She is a trooper so I'm hoping she can fight this off.  I hate the fever too.  I am getting used to colds . . . the running noise and caught.  However, I am not no where close to be comfortable when she has a fever.

On the running front, I got in 35-36 miles last week with a nice 14-15 mile run at Rancho (sometimes I love being out on the trails).

Take care and good running!


Johann said...

I hope Brooklyn is much better already! Your training is looking good. Being out on the trails is awesome!

Ivette said...

Sorry to hear she's sick. :( If she's throwing up her fever reducer, you can get it in suppository form. CVS has it. Ask your doc about the dosage.

RoseRunner said...

Such a super cute family picture. I don't think I've ever seen the wife on here! Good looking family!