Friday, August 20, 2010

Back from Vacation and two barefoot runs

I spent last week in Maui and had a very good time.  It was great to have a week to spend with my daughter who turned 8 months today.

Here is one picture from the trip:


I ran three times in Maui – one being a 10.38 mile run.  And, I ran 7 miles the day after we got back.  The best thing about the 7 mile run was that I took Brooklyn in the Bob stroller.  We now sit her up in the Bob (i.e. we don’t use the car seat).  It makes the run a lot more exciting for her . . . she can actually see what’s going on around her rather than stare back up at me.

The problem with the Bob stroller is that I think it throws my running form off.  After the 7 mile run, my knee was hurting.  I’ve hurt my knee during my first marathon in 2008 and it always seems to flare up.  I can’t go on a run without wearing a brace to help prevent any injury.  It is very frustrating as I wish I could just run pain free or without the worry have getting injured.  It’s been two years since I recovered from my injury and it still flares up.

So, I’ve decided to give barefoot running a shot.  Reading born to run did help push me over the top and go for it.  But, I also read blogs and articles on barefoot running.  From what I’ve read it can help you with injuries.  Not sure, how long this will last or whether it will cause more problems.  But, I thought it was worth a shot.  I’ve tried ChiRunning (and it has helped me with my form), but I think I need to try something else.  The concept of barefoot running makes sense to me (even though today someone told me I’m crazy).

I ran 2 miles on Tuesday barefoot after a short run with shoes.  I then ran 4 miles tonight barefoot.  After tonight’s run the bottom of my feet are sore.  Likely due to pushing up to 4 miles too soon.  But, my knee actually feels much better after the run.  It has been sore all week.  For the first time this week, it actually feels good.  I find that a bit odd, but I’ll take it.

I’ll see where this goes.  If it seems to work out, I don’t think I’ll stay completely barefoot (I’m a wimp) and would buy FiveFingers to provide some protection for my feet.  At least, I’ll have something more to blog about.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Maui and a Pony Ride

Sat morning I head off to Maui for a great week vacation.  It will be my first vacation with Brooklyn.  I’m excited.  The plane ride will be interesting.

Hopefully I will get some good runs in.  I need to get  a long run (12-15 miles) in likely on Sunday or Monday.  I will try to find a good spot and hopefully wake up early to beat the heat.

Oh . . . here is Brooklyn’s first Pony ride:

Also, here is Brooklyn with her horse Bubba.  Bubba is really my wife’s horse, but she plans to give him to Brooklyn once she gets older.

Good running!