Saturday, August 7, 2010

Maui and a Pony Ride

Sat morning I head off to Maui for a great week vacation.  It will be my first vacation with Brooklyn.  I’m excited.  The plane ride will be interesting.

Hopefully I will get some good runs in.  I need to get  a long run (12-15 miles) in likely on Sunday or Monday.  I will try to find a good spot and hopefully wake up early to beat the heat.

Oh . . . here is Brooklyn’s first Pony ride:

Also, here is Brooklyn with her horse Bubba.  Bubba is really my wife’s horse, but she plans to give him to Brooklyn once she gets older.

Good running!


Mark said...

Awesome! Have a great trip

Leah B. said...

Sounds like you're going to have tons of fun! I love finding new places to run!

U.Anne said...

Brooklyn looked really cute on that pony :) Haha soon she'll be wanting riding lessons! That's definitely how I caught the riding bug :P