Friday, July 30, 2010

First (and second) run with Brooklyn

Brooklyn is now over 7 months old (almost 7 1/2 months).

This past Sunday, I took her on our first run together.  A short 3 1/2 mile hilly run at the Stanford Dish.  Here is our picture at the end of the run:


We left her in the car seat which fits in the BOB.  I have taken her on many walks in the BOB (with the car seat), but not yet on a run.  I really wanted to run with her seated in the BOB (not in the car seat).  She gets board just looking back at me for 30-40 mins.  She loves being outside and likes to look around (when we go on walks I tend to carry her unless she needs to sleep), so I suspect she will enjoy being seated in the BOB where she can actually see.

She is only about 16 pounds.  She can sit up, but is a little light so we decided to wait maybe another month.

She did great.  She looked at me puzzled for about 10 minutes and then feel asleep the rest of the run.

As for me, it was different running with a stroller.  Going up a hill was hard.  It takes a lot of energy to push that stroller up a hill (while you are running).  It is also difficult going down a hill.  The problem is that the stroller wants to fly down the hill and you have to keep it under control.  So I constantly have to slow the stroller down.

The front wheel also locks (which is suppose to be used while running with the BOB).  Thus, I spent of lot of energy moving the stroller in the right direction (and to prevent it from going off road).  I think with the front wheel locked it is not as easy to maneuver.  However, it could be just because of my inexperienced running with the stroller.

In addition, my running form/gait, I think was completely off.  I really have to work on making sure I keep good form.

Overall, I had a great time and was really excited going for the run with Brooklyn.

I also went out during the middle of the week for my second run with her.  A run around my neighborhood.  Also, about three and 1/2 miles.  On the second run,  Brooklyn did not fall asleep.  She looked at me a lot, likely wondering why I have this funny struggling look on my face (as we went up some steep hills).  The rest of the time she played with some toys.

I had great time running with her.  I can’t wait for her to be able to sit up in the stroller.  I really hope he comes to enjoy her time with me as we run around and around.

I also changed the title of this blog since I want to also focus on moments with Brooklyn.



Julie said...

I love the pictures of Brooklyn...she is so cute! It is so great to hear that she is liking running with her dad:) Once she gets heavier it will be more of a workout for you and then when you race without her you will fly!

Take care Tim! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mark said...

That is so awesome, Tim! She is a living doll!

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to spend some special quality time with Brooklyn on the run. When she's older, she'll be tickled pink to know that you ran with her in the BOB!

Jill said...

Your daughter is mega precious!! I absolutely LOVE that age! I remember hte days of the baby jogger and how it totally changed my form (I had twins so had a double jogger. UGH) as you don't get to pump your arms...but it's a great also get some upper body strength at the same time :). Good job on the run!!

Leah B. said...

This is so sweet and she is so cute! One day when we decide to have a baby I'd love to be able to run with him/her!