Saturday, January 21, 2012

Go Niners!


There has been so many things I've wanted to blog about, but like always a day or a week goes by and then I forgot about what I wanted to blog about.  So let's try a quick update about posts that might have been if I made more time to update this blog:

1.  Go Niners!  I went to the game last Sat and it was, without a doubt, the best game I have ever been to.  I stood most of the time.

2.  I am going the NFC title game this Sunday.  It is suppose to rain, but our seats are covered. The problem is that we park about two miles away so hopefully the weather is not too bad.

3.  The SF marathon training program starts this Sunday for the South Bay.  I'm excited to be pacing/coaching again this year.

4.  I had a client meeting in Reno earlier this week.  I had to stay the night which meant I took a little time to have some fun by playing Craps.  I do not gamble much.  I've generally play blackjack if I am in Vegas.  The slots generally just take my money.  The partner I was with wanted to play Craps.  I've watched before to try to understand the game, but that was years ago.  I broke a hundred and started playing (tried to follow the bets the partner made so that I could learn what to do).  After some time, I was down to my last few chips and we were ready to call it a night.  But, we said let's do 1 more roll.  About an hour or two later I made about five hundred.  We had to call it a night due to the client meeting in the am.  It was great to win!

5.  I have been slacking in my running. Only running about three to four times a week and not long miles.  I'm trying to put in a 7-8 mile run this weekend (failed at that this am due to being exhausted from a client deadline).  I'm going to try later tonight.  Then maybe run 10 miles next weekend to get my miles back up there.

6.  I have still not cheated on giving up treats!

Have a good running weekend!


Nelly said...

Great job on craps! I really like that game, I generally only bet the pass line, and then backup my bet on the passline once the point is established. Pretty simple bets. Occasionally I bet on a number when the point is established (6 or 8).

Awesome that you were at last weeks 49ers game, that was amazing. I went to the NFC title game too, that was a great game but just a brutal ending. I feel bad for #10 Kyle Williams. A bummer that Ted Ginn got injured and Williams had to return punts - he just looked overmatched out there. Every time he was fielding a punt I thought he made the wrong decision on whether to call a fair catch or run it out. Maybe Harbaugh should have told him to call a fair catch unless he was positive he could get a couple yards, and then just go down on first contact. Just a bummer because I thought the Niners deserved the victory - Eli was handed the win. I have no interest in watching the super bowl now.

Nelly said...

Bay to Breakers should indeed be fun, it will be my 11th year running it I think. I think I'll be ready to go for it in May, we shall see.

I may be talking the book Unbroken up too much, but once you read it let me know what you think.