Saturday, January 14, 2012

First 2012 post - goals, update and 49ers


I keep meaning to post, but always seem to get caught up with something else and next thing I know I'm weeks (or a month) past my last post.

Hope everyone had a great new year.  I was in Lake Tahoe for the new year and got a couple of good runs in, but mostly just spent time with my family.

2012 goals(?)
I did not really make specific goals.  I do like making goals, but I tend to make the goals when I feel committed to them, rather than just because of a specific day came.  But, I do have some general goals:

1.  No treats, including ice cream.  Exception for any that have zero saturated fat, zero trans fat and zero Cholesterol.  A few comments:
  • This does not have to be for the entire year.  I have grades.  30 days is a D.  100 days is a C.  1/2 a year is a B and a full year is an A.  So far I'm still trying to not get an F.
  • This goal started on Dec. 21st (so I can have treats in 2012 as long as it is Dec. 22nd or later and still get an A)
  • Reason:  I'm getting additional life insurance and had to take a physical.  My results came Dec. 21st and showed my Cholesterol is elevated - 210.  I decided after a couple hours of thinking and doing some quick research to drop treats (as I love them, especially ice cream).  Overall my Cholesterol is not too bad because I have a lot of good ones (whatever that means).  But, I need to get my number down to below 200.  They did give me rates based on top health rates - so that is some good news, but elevated Cholesterol is still not good. I'm excited to see if this change will make a difference.
  • Yes it was hard to make this goal right before the holidays.  But, I got through it without getting an F.
2.  Run my 9th and 10th marathon this year.
  • I'm signed up for Big Sur, SF marathon and the NY marathon.  Hoping to do at least 2 of them.
3.  Get faster
  • Hopefully get closer to 3:30.  I'll make a specific goal once I get into my training.
Running updates:

1.  I'm leading a running group from a new running store in Los Altos (near my house).  They are starting running groups from their store.  So far I lead a Wed. 6:30am group (there are also runs going on Monday at 6am, Thursday at 9:30am or 6pm, I think).  Basically by "lead" I just have a route planned and make sure no one gets lost.  If any one locally wants to join, please join me!  The runs just started so the word is just getting out.  The store is "on your mark performance" in downtown Los Altos.

2.  I will be pacing/coaching for the SF marathon training (south bay) program again this year.  We start Jan. 22 and Jan 29th.  If any local people are interested, intro programs are on Sunday at 8am at Los Gatos High School.

3.  My neighbor might run his first marathon.  I've been running with him the last few months to build him up.  He has not run longer than 7-8 miles, but is considering building up for the SF marathon.  I would do the long runs with him (and already run in the am weekday with him).  Very exciting.  I hope he does this.  It will be a lot of running for me, but will be so enjoyable.

4.  GOING TO THE 49ER GAME TODAY!  GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care!


Becca said...

I can't believe that 49ner game, that last quarter was just massive.

Your goals for the new year look great! I am wondering if I should try and do a marathon this year. Of course Big Sur would be great but they are already sold out.

The SF marathon price is going to go up today so if you didn't already sign up do so.

Nelly said...

Awesome that you were at the 49ers game! What a game! I was at a annual trip, so wasn't able to make the game. The 49ers haven't been in the playoffs for 9 years, so it wasn't a problem with having the 2 events on the same weekend until now!

I'm actually going to try to go to this Sundays game, should be awesome!