Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Awesome run in the Rain at Rancho

It was very rainy today (Tuesday) in the bay area.  I mean . . . a lot of rain.

It was also our first run at Rancho this year for the SF marathon training group.  Since I'm a pacer/coach for the South bay group and generally run the hill runs at Rancho I felt I should go.  On my drive over I had a few second thoughts.  Not so much because of running in the rain (it was only 4-5 miles) but for running in the mud where it might be very wet and slippery.  Me + mud + slippery = trouble.

In any event, as I pulled into Rancho I noticed that the parking lot was nearly empty.  It is always packed.  Before I could have additional thoughts about backing out, I saw two people from our group there.  Which meant I'm running.  Not many people showed up due to the rain.

But, those that did went out and did about  4.5 miles of hills.  It was very rainy.  It was cold.  Muddy.  Wet.  Slippery.  But, most of all, it was awesome!

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