Sunday, April 1, 2012

Caballo Blanco Thoughts

I was find it a bit strange when someone dies that I do not really know.  I've lost people that have been close to me (like my dad and recently my grandmother) so I try to keep it in perspective.

With that said, I was sad when I heard Caballo Blanco was dead.  I did not know him.  I only read of him.  But, he was an inspiration.  I was already running marathons before I read born to run, but reading of him gave me inspiration to one day run ultras.  More importantly, reading of him (and people like him) helps me stay in touch with my love for running.

I wish I could have met him. But, through born to run and all of the blogs and articles about him, I feel that I sort of have met him.

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Nelly said...

Great post, your thoughts are pretty much exactly like mine when I found out he died last night.