Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SF Marathon: Two Weeks Away and Still Injured

Hi - hope everyone is doing great and had an awesome 4th.  I spend the week of the 4th in Tahoe and it was great.

I wish I could say the same for my running.  Since I hurt my ankle before Big Sur, it has been a tough couple of months with limited running.  I basically do a long run on the weekend, ankle is very sore, I rest 4 or 5 days, do a short easy run to see how it feels, rest my ankle for a day or two, do a long run, ankle is very sore . . .  endless cycle.

My plan all along was to try to do the SF marathon and then "rest" after the marathon.  I've been able to do the long runs . . . a 18 mile run, a 20 mile run and a 22 mile run.  My speed has suffered due to the no speed work (ankle has been too sore after the long run for a speed workout).

This past Sunday, I went out to run with the San Fran Marathon training group (where I'm a pacer).  We had a 16 mile run planned.  I started out strong and we were going at a good pace.  But, about 4 miles in my calf started hurting.  Before mile 5, I had to pull up due major pain in my calf.  My running group stopped with me. I tried to stretch and walk it off.  Then, I tried to run again, within a few steps I had to pull up again.  I told the runners to go on.  I tried to walk for a while, but when I tried to run again, within two steps I had to pull up.  I turned around and walked back to my car. I did try to run a couple of times on the long walk back, but had no luck and the pain was worse each time I tried.

My calf is still sore!  I'm just hoping it gets better.

Good news:  I finally went the doctor and had an x-ray on my ankle - no fracture!  Yes!!!  Which means I still have some hope of running SF marathon.  The Dr said they needed an MRI to tell if I tore something in my calf and she stated we could go that route if it did not heal in 3-4 weeks (. . . yes . . . 3 to 4 weeks is beyond two weeks).  She also could not recommend me running the marathon unless the calf healed up real quick.

Right now - I'm just taking it easy this week and hoping for the best.

Also - I cannot tell you how difficult it was to get my x-ray result.  I received an e-mail that my x-ray result was in and I just needed to log into the online account.  Problem - I could not remember my password.  After trying a number to typical passwords I use, I got locked out of my online account (I hate when that occurs).  Then, I spent at least a 1/2 an hour getting my account open again.  The Dr said she would call me if there was an issue.  Another problem - my home number (the number on record) was not working (not sure why, but no dial tone).  I could not change my home number via the phone or website (could not log-in).  Very frustrating process.

I was able to finally decided to leave early and drive to the Dr's office to get my x-ray result, I needed to know whether or not I had a fracture.

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Nelly said...

Bummer about the injuries that you've been having. Glad to know that it isn't a fracture - because my guess is that you had a stress fracture. Weird about your calf though, hopefully it's not a tear. Maybe the MRI will show for sure if you have a problem in your calf. Good luck and hopefully it's nothing serious.