Friday, October 3, 2008

Long Run 5

Originally posted August 16, 2008:

This week my training schedule stated I should run 13 miles. I was excited to do it because it's almost a half-marathon. I went out and bought two new pairs of shoes, some new shorts, and some of the powerbar gel to help me get through the run.

I planned to get a good night rest on Sat, but I forgot the 49ers had their first preseason game (we have season tickets). It was at 6pm. We decided to go. Because parking is horrible at the stadium, we park about a mile and a half away and walk to the stadium. It's a good walk and generally fun because a lot of people do it. I just got stuck waiting an hour trying to leave the parking lot once to many times . . . I would rather walk the 20 minutes. So we actually did not get home until later. And, then I had to watch Phelps go for his 8th gold. It's great that he won, but sometimes it bothers me that the focus is so much on who wins the gold. If he only won 7 gold, I'm sure the U.S. would have been disappointed. So I'm glad he did it.

I woke up about 6:45 so that I could get ready and leave around 7am. I took my garmin, powerbar gel, water and NEW shoes. Kinda silly to use new shoes when I did not know how my feet to react to them over a long run. The sales person told me I should break them in first with shorter runs before using them on a long run, but they felt good. Long story short . . . I completed my run. Here is a map of the run (have to put my garmin to good use) LONG RUN 5. It took me a while, but I made it through the 13 miles. And, I felt quite good. I also thought the powerbar gel was helpful. It is the first time I used it. The taste was not bad. It was a pain to open the package, but maybe because I was tired and trying to run at the same time. I think it helped. I had more energy at the end of the run than I did last week at the end of the 12 mile run.

Now I have to prepare for a speech that I have on Monday. It's on the indirect foreign tax credit and the foreign tax credit limitation. I have 130 slides so I need to start deleting them and need to think about what I want to say. Oh joy.

My speech is in San Francisco so at least no travel. Seems like there will be a good crowd so I better start preparing.

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