Friday, October 3, 2008

10 Mile Run

Originally posted August 24, 2008:

I was able to complete my 10 mile run today! I'm very happy because I've been bothered by a sore knee all week. Link to the 10 mile run

Last Sunday I ran 13 miles and felt good after the run. But, Monday morning I went for a three mile jog. The three miles were mostly going up and down hills. I must have done something to my right knee since after the run I started feeling shooting pains in it. It stayed sore all week. Ice and ibuprofen have really helped, but it has not appeared to be getting better. I tried to take my workouts easy this week, but I still had to get some running in and my knee always felt worse after a run. So I was very unsure whether I would be able to complete the run today.

I told myself that I would give it a shot. All I really had to do was run 5 miles. If I went five miles in one direction, then I would have to somehow get back (whether its jogging, walking, limping, being carried). The run was not too eventful. I took my iphone which helped pass the time. I mostly just focused on making sure I did not push myself too much (likely did not do a good job at that) and tried to not seriously damage my knee. I maintained a pace just over 10 minutes a mile for the first 5 miles. I stopped at the 5 mile mark to stretch and check out my knee. It felt okay. My right knee was still sore, but it was holding up. It's still sore right now (I have ice on it). Then, I turned around and went the five miles back. I felt good for those five miles. I kept about a 10 minute mile pace (maybe a little too fast). About an hour and forty three minutes after I started . . . I completed the 10 miles!

Next week is a scheduled 15 mile run. Hopefully my knee gets better.

Tuesday is the softball division final. We play a very tough team that beat us good during the season.

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