Friday, October 3, 2008

15 mile run

Originally posted on August 31, 2008:

Well I did it! 15 Mile Run

I'm tired, but very happy. This is my second week with a sore knee. I was very unsure about how I would do on this long run. I have never run this far before in my life. So it was going to be a challenge even without an injury. But, I did it.

I tried to maintain a steady pace and not push myself too much. About mile 11 my knee was really bothering me but I just pushed forward.

I actually had my first phone call come through when I was on the run. I have the iphone with me because I listen to the ipod. I normally would not answer the phone, but the music stops when there is a rang. So I picked it up (this was about mile 7). It was my step-mother and she asked if I was sleeping. I guess jogging while talking might be similar to picking up the phone half a sleep. The funny part is I'm trying to cut the conversation short because I'm not stopping and I'm trying to keep pace. But, she continues to talk and talk. I need to call her and tell her sorry if I was rude for not talking back (I did say yes a couple times, hopefully I did not commit myself to something). Well, I guess not too many exciting things occur while you are running.

The other odd thing I find is how to address people that you make eye contact with. I generally say hi, but some people turn their eyes away really quick.

Lastly, bikers can be so rude. But, I think people who walk with their family and take the ENTIRE path are more annoying. Stay on one side and four people don't all have to walk four side by side. But, in general, I find it nice to run where there are a lot of other people either jogging, walking or biking. It seems to give you more energy. But, I think sometimes I'm sort of silly. For instance, about mile 12 (I was very tired) there was a lady maybe 50 feet in front of me. So I pictured that I was attached to her by a rope and she was pulling me forward. I also tried to take her energy (at least in my mind). Not sure it worked because by mile 13 she must have been 200 feet in front of me. By mile 14 she was out of sight.

Oh, but I'm happy!

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