Friday, October 3, 2008

12 mile run

Originally posted Sept. 14, 2008:

Back from vacation and had to do my 12 mile run.

If anyone is on facebook, I have pictures on facebook from my short vacation. Just look me up under Timothy Fitzgibbon. I'll put the pictures on myspace also. So I was in Maui and did my long run last week before I left. I planned to do my long run (this weekend) when I got back today rather than do the long run in Maui. So although I was on vacation I still ran. I ran 6 times. There were a lot of hills and the weather makes it difficult to run, but great views. We had a condo near the beach so most of the run had good views of the beach. There were some long and steep hills. Very difficult short runs.

Today was a down weak . . . only had to do 12 miles. It's crazy how the training works. Two months ago, 12 miles would have been very scary, but it seems like a light run (although still difficult) after you have went on longer runs. Next week is going to be a tough one . . . 18 miles. The 16 mile run was very, very difficult, so I am going to have to make sure I'm rested and ready for the 18 mile run.

Back to the topic. I did the 12 mile run this morning. Here is a link: 12 Mile Run I did it in less than 2 hours (by a few seconds). So I avg'd a 10 min a mile pace. Not too fast but I am very happy. When I first started training (back in June) I had trouble running 1.6 miles. That was my starting point and it was difficult. I also could not maintain a 10 mile pace for just 1 mile. So it's great to see your times and distance improve.

The trouble with all the running is the pain. My knees and feet hurt. But, so far no major injury that is stopping my training.

I'm really excited for the 18 mile run next week. It's going to be hard, but I know it will feel good to complete it.

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