Friday, March 19, 2010

The wrong Tapering Checklist

The Oakland Marathon is 8 days away.  And, here is my checklist in preparing for it:

1.  Injured.  Check.  My ankle/lower leg is still sore.  It is getting better but very slowly.  Hopefully in a day or two it will be fine.  But, I can run on it right now.

2.  Sick.  Check.  Even if I was not injured, I could not run because I started felling sick on Tuesday night.  I went into the office on Wed and by later afternoon on Wed I felt horrible.  I was sick in bed all Thursday.  Hoping I get through this flu soon.

So for this tapering week I have only been able to run 4 miles on Monday.  Hopefully, by Sunday I can get a couple miles in so that I can run a few times next week.


Julie said...

Hi Tim,
I am so sorry to hear about your ankle and that you are not feeling well:( I also started not to feel the greatest yesterday...I think I have the cold version. My throat feels like I just chewed on glass. I am sending you get well vibes and am hoping that you will be on your way to recovery:) Hang in there Tim!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you're under the weather! Sounds like your body wants you to have an mega-taper! Get that rest...let your body'll be back to your usual self soon!