Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Night before the Oakland Marathon

My third marathon will be in the morning!  Hopefully, I will complete it (not get injured).

I thought my training went well until I hurt my ankle about two weeks ago and then I got sick less than two weeks ago.  The flu I got was horrible.  It caused me to work two days of work and I did not run for 6 days.  By the time I started feeling better, my ankle was okay!  So that’s one positive.

I took it easy this week running since I was still trying to get over the flu, I have stayed congested and I have had a little sore throat to date.  I feel okay though except for carrying tissue with me.  I ran four times this week, but only 3-4 miles per time.  The last two runs I tried to keep a really good pace and felt good.  So we will see how it goes.

There is a large hill (miles 5-10) and it is suppose to be hot (for me anyway).  I like running in the 50s and I think about miles 20-26.2 it will be in the mid to high 60s.  So not getting sick would have still made it tough to get a sub 4.  With the ankle and still recovering from the flu, I suspect I will end up b/n 4 and 4:30 (large range).

I plan to start off and try to keep a pace to get in under 4, but Ii don’t feel great, I will just  back off and try to “enjoy” the marathon.  So my main goal is really going to be to run as much as possible.  I only want to stop if (i) I have to use the bathroom or (ii) I need water refill.  Other than that, I just want to run the 26.2 miles (even if I have to run slower than I would like).

It is amazing that soon I will have completed my third marathon (unless an injury prevents me).  That is quite amazing when in June of 2008 it was so difficult to run even 1 mile.

I started running because my dad died of cancer in late 2007.  He smoked.  I did not smoke, but I was out of shape (232 pounds).  I worked a lot (but never on my body).  I never made time to work out.  Though 7 or so years before I used to run (shorter distances and slow, but I stayed in shape).  I decided that I was getting older and I need to focus on my health (not only on running/working out but on what I eat).  I changed my diet and got in shape.  I write this so that I can remember why running is important to me.  It is part of being healthy.

I’m now going to be 40 years old soon and have a 3 month old daughter.  Being healthy is important so that I can stay active with my daughter as she grows.  I lost my dad (who was only 60) way too early because he did not take care of his health (by smoking).  So running is not just a hobby, I have to remember.  It is something I love to do, but it is about living a healthy life.  And, to complete another marathon . . . regardless of the time . . . is something to be proud of.  So I’m just going to try my best to enjoy the marathon and do the best I can.

Since this will be my first marathon as a father, here are some pictures of Brooklyn:

She is having fun in her favorite chair


Her first trip to the ocean:



Her feet touch the beach for the first time


In her other chair


Oh that’s not Brooklyn, Jenny what are you doing?



Julie said...

Good luck Tim!! You are going to do great!

Lovely pictures of Brooklyn:) I love the one where she is on the beach. Also, nice to see a few pictures of your beautiful have a very good looking family Tim:)

Good luck again, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! You're going to do great!

Thanks for sharing your inspiration to run. Very good reasons.

Miriam said...

It looks like you are running for the right reasons, for your health and to be there for your baby. Keep up the great work.