Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting very nervous about the Oakland Marathon

I really, really, really wanted to do the LA marathon, but due to schedule conflicts I could not make it.  I decided to sign up for the Oakland Marathon.  Which is now less than three weeks away!

I signed up for it because I was running a lot during the winter and thought it would be "fun" to get in a local marathon (three people that I ran with during the winter were running it).

Yet, the more I read about miles 5-10, the more I think . . . "why did I not just do LA"!

The issue - is that miles 5 to 10 have an elevation gain of about 500 feet!  Today I read the course description and Miles 6 to 11 are called "The Hill"

I do live in the bay area, but I am not at all familiar with Oakland.  So I am getting very nervous.

I know I can complete the marathon, but I'm worried about . . . you know . . . time.  I think either (i) I will go too fast and "The Hill" kicks my butt so for the second half of the marathon I go very slow or (ii) I go too slow on "The Hill" to save my energy and still am tired in the second half that I can't make up the time.

I feel that I can get under 4 hours.  I feel so much better prepared than my last marathon especially after my run last Sunday.  But, with "The Hill" I might have to face that this might not be the marathon for me to get a sub-4.

I'm thinking of maybe trying to drive out there this weekend (or next) and run those 5 or so miles to get an idea of what type of pace to keep.  I'd likely though just get lost or something since I don't know that area at all.

I know I need to be positive so I just need to not worry about time (it is so hard) and just focus on trying to have fun and finish the marathon (my third!)


Suzy said...

GL on the race. Hills kick my butt, so I have no suggestions. If you have time, it would be a good idea to check out the course so you have an idea of what "the hill" is all about.

Julie said...

Hi Tim,
I really think that you are going to be just fine. You have been training like a champ and you are ready for this one. I think that you are being to hard on yourself. Think of all of the trail runs that you have gone on with some big hills. You have done fantastic:) Think are going to do great!!

Mark said...

Sounds like a great marathon. "The Hill" makes it exciting!

Anonymous said...

Believe in your training! You have no need to feel nervous- just direct that energy towards excitement for the race. You are going to do great!

Anonymous said...

I live in Oakland and am familiar with most of the route. Taking a test drive or run is the benefit for living close! Venturing up north to check it out may help the mental part of hills. The last half is pretty flat and the relief down Fruitvale/International after the hill will be an opportunity to get back into your stride! Good luck! I'll be doing the half!