Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Injury? Frak!

Okay, less than two weeks from the Oakland Marathon.  Last night my leg (just above my ankle started hurting).  I was not even running.  It started getting sore after work.  I planned to run 4 miles that night and I did, but I took it slow.  It hurt the entire time but not major pain.

Now this morning it continues to be sore and more painful.

I think it is my Peroneal Longus Tendon.  I’m quite sure the injury is not too bad – I would not be able to have run last night.  Yet, I can’t run 26.2 miles on this so I’m hoping it gets better soon.

I’m worried that initial treatment says to rest it for two to four weeks.  I don’t have two to four weeks!

Hopefully, a few days off will do the trick.  I might try to go to the doctor, but they will just say to rest it and see if the pain goes away so I guess I might give it a couple of days before going to the doctor.



Julie said...

Oh frak!! That sucks! I hope everything is okay...I will keep my fingers crossed for you:)

Ewa said...

I hate it when something derails my training or racing plans. Hopefully your ankle will get back to normal SOON. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it's just phantom taper pain? (hopeful thinking) Irregardless, hope it goes away soon!