Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last long-run before the Oakland Marathon is done!

I got in my last long run today (Sunday).  I generally do my long runs on Sat, but I had family in town so I had to push it off until Sunday am.  I planned a 20 mile run along Steven's Creek Trail to Shoreline park.  I started about 2 miles away from Steven's creek trail at a local park.  I did not take any pictures of the run, but I do have pictures of Brooklyn below.

I've been running a lot of hills this winter so I wanted to get in a good long run at a steady pace.  My goal was to run the first 10-miles between a 8:30 and 8:45 pace and then see how I do on the way back.  Running hills is much different as it is harder to maintain a fast pace so I was unsure how I would do in the second half (if I could keep the pace up).  I hoped to come in with an avg under 9:00 for the 20 miles and I hoped to run it without stopping (other than if I need water refill or a bathroom break).

In addition, this was going to be my first long run alone.  :(  I've been running with a group most of the winter.  Even if my family was not in town, I planned to skip the group run on Sat since I wanted a flat run for my long run.

The run went great.  I started off at a 8:35 or so pace and kept it up.  I wanted to make sure I did not push myself too fast the first few miles but still gave a little room to slow the pace if needed.  I felt good.  I used powerbar Gel at mile 5 and 10.  I kept a steady pace.  About the half way point, I dropped the avg pace to about 8:33.  On the route back, I tried to keep the steady pace.  My goal was to make it to mile 15 at about an 8:30ish pace and then try to gut out the last 5 miles and hopefully not fall too far off pace.

By mile 15 I lowered my avg pace to 8:30.  I kept it at that avg pace for a few miles.  I started slowing down in miles 17 and 18.  My avg pace dropped to 8:34.  I decided to try to keep it at that pace to the end.  I was getting tired the last mile, but pushed hard and dropped my avg pace to 8:33 for the 20 mile run.

Here are some recent pictures of Brooklyn, she is 11 weeks old (as of yesterday):

Me and Brooklyn:

Brooklyn with Jake and Jenny

Brooklyn having fun (that is Jenny that you can see)

Brooklyn with her friend Leo:


Anonymous said...

If there are pictures of Brooklyn, then no pics of the run are necessary!;) Great job on your long run! I wish I can keep such a pace for such a day, one day. Strong work! You are ready for Oakland for sure!

Julie said...

Hi Tim,
Awesome job on your long run!! I would be tired too!! You maintained a wonderful pace! I love the pictures of you, Brooklyn and the k9 members of the family:) I am sending you tons of luck and well wishes for the Oakland Marathon!! You are going to do great:)

ShutUpandRun said...

Great job on your run; you are def ready for the race. Brooklyn is beautiful, I know you are enjoying her...