Sunday, January 31, 2010

Six weeks old! And, January Update

I started blogging because I wanted to log my running activities and keep a record of important events so that I can look back and see my thoughts/words. I am going to try incorporating Brooklyn into my blog more and how she relates to my running (at times even how she does not relate to my running).
My running is very important to me (not as important as Brooklyn and my family). For me, it is very important to stay in shape. Before I started running, I was overweight and had high blood pressure. I am going to be 40 this year and with a newborn, I want to stay in solid/strong shape as she grows. I love running so it is something that I can do to stay in shape.  Here are two pictures before I got back to running (pictures in late Feb and early March of 2008) and a picture after my last marathon:

Brooklyn is now six weeks old (on 1/30/2010). I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. She was born on 12/19 (after a 48plus hour labor). I took the next two weeks off work . . . or at least tried to. I had some urgent client matters so I ended up having to work some from home. That was very stressful - trying to work from home with a newborn. I wanted to take a little more time off (at least 1 more week), but it was clear the client matters would not die down and it would be too stressful to be at home trying to get the matters done so I went back to work on 1/4.

Here are some adjustments that I had to make:

One big adjustment has been working from home. Before, I would always have my laptop open and be able to get back to clients even if it is 11pm or past midnight if something urgent came up or if I just could not fall asleep. My wife, Jill, is on maturity leave so she is with Brooklyn all day. When I come home I have tired to watch Brooklyn. Jill would go to sleep about 9pm or 9:30pm and then I would take the next feeding. Well, those days working an hour or two at night have disappeared. It seems that Brooklyn tends to get fussy from about 10pm until midnight or so. So I generally have to hold her or walk her. Although at times it came be frustrating (when a baby is crying), I'm thankful for the time it gives me to spend with her.

Another big adjustment is my appreciation for the treadmill. I am thankful for the Treadmill! Yes, the Treadmill! Brooklyn loves it. She can be fussy and crying and crying and crying. Yet, 95% plus of the time, all I have to do is turn on the treadmill and walk. Within a minute or two she relaxes. I generally get a mile to two in. Often she will fall asleep and I can put her down after. I do not walk too fast on it (maybe only a 20-21 min a mile pace), but generally I will use the incline and feel like I get a good walk in. I do read, on blogs, a lot of complaints about the treadmill . . . however; in my case I am so thankful for it. It is amazing to help calm her!

Another big adjustment is with running. It is difficult to get runs in. I can not plan on watching Brooklyn and hope to get a run in while she sleeps. However, the treadmill has also been a major help. In Jan. my running log for all my short runs shows either "treadmill at home or treadmill at work". If my wife is nursing (when I get home), I can jump on the treadmill for a 1/2 an hour or so and get 3-4 miles in. Or, I've been forcing myself to take my lunch (generally later in the day) on a treadmill at my office (we have a small gym with three treadmills, other machines, and weights. I will jump on it for 3-4 miles. So the treadmill has significantly helped me get my runs in.

Sleep is also a big adjustment. Generally, for the past 15-20 years, I have been able to function on 4-6 hours sleep a night. So it has not been too bad. The major problem is "falling back a sleep". As I mentioned, I take a night feeding as I watch Brooklyn. The time my wife takes over seems to vary it can be from 1:30am to 3am. It just depends on how Brooklyn is doing that night. Most times I fall a sleep with Brooklyn, either on the coach or in her room. Generally I only get an hour or two of sleep before it is time to wake my wife. The problem is falling back a sleep. There have been many nights when it is 4am, 5am and I'm still flopping around trying to fall asleep . . . knowing that my alarm is set for 7am!

I have still managed to get in long runs during the weekends. My wife has been great in allowing me to continue the long runs on Sat am. I try to get back before noon so that I can help out with Brooklyn . . . the rest of the weekend. My wife has also tried to get out of the house for a little while (dinner with friends or a movie). We also have a horse (she is not ridding now due to the C-section). But, after my runs, she will be able to go to the farm, while I watch Brooklyn. So it seems to work out.

Here are some pictures of Brooklyn in her first six weeks

Me and Brooklyn

Brooklyn taking a bath


Jenny and Brooklyn

So even with Brooklyn, I was able to continue running.  I logged nearly 120 miles this month.  One long run during the week and 3 times a week a run of 3-4 miles on the treadmill (at work or home).


Julie said...

Hi Tim,
Thank you so much for sharing pictures of Brooklyn:) She is so precious!! I am a total sucker for cute baby pictures:) Also, thanks for sharing the before and after running is something what running can do for the body! I really don't know if I have lost as much weight as you but I can tell you that my body has toned up and I dropped a pant size!!

It is hard to work out with a little one but it sounds like you are working it out with your wife and things are going great! I also used te live off of hardly any sleep but honestly, I just can't do it any more! So, my hats off to you Tim:) Thanks for sharing this great post...I have learned more about you and that is fantastic! Keep those pictures of Brooklyn coming as I would love to see how she changes! Have a great week Tim!

Suzy said...

You are transitioning very well. Adding to a family is wonderful, but challenging if you want to keep your old routines. Good for you to keep running. You staying healthy is extremely important as you have another person depending upon you. And, I've heard it over and over, baby = more treadmill time. There is nothing wrong with the treadmill, it just isn't a runner's first choice.

And, she's adorable!!

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful baby! This is great to hear about how having a newborn affects running dads too. Keep up the strong work!