Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sequoia 30K signed up and please lower the TV!

Attempt number 2.  I just spend 15 minutes typing and then lost all of my words.

In summary:

1.  Last weekend, I ran 14 miles at Steven's Creek Trail to Shoreline.  I think it was 14 miles.  My Garmin froze on me.  Very annoying, but what can you do?  Run!  So with a frozen Garmin, I ran in the rain and cold a good 14 miles or so.  It was a nice easy run.

2.  The weekend before I ran 17 miles at Rancho.  I ran up to Black Mountain and then around Rancho.  It was a difficult run, but a great day for running. The weather was nice and cool.  Great views of the Silicon Valley (pictures below)

3.  I signed up for the Sequoia 30K trail run on Feb. 27th.  My first trail race.  I thought it would be good training for the Oakland marathon.

4.  I have still been using the treadmill at work often to get my weekday runs in.  My one issue is why do people have the TV so loud?  I mean I am 25 feet away on the treadmill and that thing is blasting.  It is loud for me to hear.  I don't understand.


Julie said...

Hi Tim,
Wow, you had another really nice long run over the weekend!! Great pictures as usual:) Way to keep up with your running even if it is on a treadmill!! SO , your trail race coming up in February is on my oldest son's b-day...I will have to think about you and your trail run that day!! I hope that you have an awesome week Tim:)

Ewa said...

You ran up the Black Mountain? One does not run up the Black Mountain. One hikes it huffing and puffing. :)
At least there are no blasting TV's on trails.
Good luck on your Sequoia.

Tim F. said...

Ewa - I should admit that it was difficult and some parts are hard to run. Especially the last mile or so. But, I ran every place I could except when I had to stop to catch my breath.

ShutUpandRun said...

BEAUTIFUL trail. Feeling pretty jealous over here as our trails look like mud and snow all mixed up into some kind of goo. Good for you getting 14 miles in.

Anonymous said...

Great job on your long runs! Despite the finicky Garmin!
Good luck on the 30K!