Friday, February 19, 2010

Brooklyn is two months old today and Joseph D. Grant Trail Run

Today, Brooklyn turned two months old.  It is very exciting.  At times, it seems like she has been with us for a long time.  But, other times it feels as if the two months went by very fast.

Here is a picture of her on 2/14 with the dress I bought her:

I love her so much!

Last week, I ran 21 miles a the Joseph D. Grant Park. The run was very long. There were alot of hills and we took 1 wrong turn which caused a 18 mile run to turn into a 21 mile run.  The trail itself was okay.  There were not many trees to provide cover so during summer it would be tough to do a long run.  There were a lot of hills (many ups and downs).  Going up to 2800 or so feet.  I'll show the run through my poor quality pictures:

As you can tell, lots of hills with little cover.  For the winter it is great though.  You get a lot of good views especially when you get to the top of the hills. 

A view of San Jose

A look out over the hills:

Another view of San Jose:

The trails were wide and open for the most part.  Lots of room:

People in my running group coming up a hill:

One of the lookouts (this one is about 2500 feet):

Another view of the hills:

We were not alone out there, here is someone that kept us company:


Julie said...

Hi Tim,
Brooklyn is so cute and I love the dress!! You have great taste:) Wow, what a beautiful set of pictures from your latest run! I love the rolling hills and the picture of the cow was great! It reminds me of growing up...I lived on a farm:) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!!

Mark said...

Tim, she is such a cutie!! What a joy!

Ewa said...

She is so precious.
I haven't been to Joseph D Grant in ages. This is a good time of year to visit, before it gets too hot. Another wonderful running park with lots of hills and great views is Henry Coe SP. And yes, that one has very little shade also.