Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oakland Marathon - March 28th!

With my long runs on the weekend, I started thinking about running a marathon in March.  Soon (hopefully, I'll have time tonight) I'll post about my 17 mile run this past Sat.  After the 17 mile run, I was quite sure that I could do a marathon in March.  I wanted to do the LA Marathon (I'm from So. Cal). However, that weekend was not good for me.

So, I signed up for the Oakland marathon.  It is close.

With the newborn, I am not going to plan a time.  I'm just going to go out there and have fun.  I'm going to run the marathon because I want to run it and enjoy it.  I'm very excited!!!!


Julie said...

Hi Tim,
Wow, that is so exciting to hear that you have signed up for the Oakland marathon! I will have to look that one up..not because I can run it but because I am interested in the route! You will totally be ready for it and it helps to say that it is for fun. It will take some of the pressure off. I hope that everything is going well with Brooklyn! I am sure she is getting big and her personality starting to show a little. You should post a recent picture of her:) Have a great day Tim!

Suzy said...

Very exciting! I can't wait to hear more as time approaches.

Anonymous said...

That's terrific! It sounds like you will certainly be ready by March! I wanted to do the LA marathon too, but timing wasn't right this year. Perhaps in 2011?

Meg said...

Wow, I'm suprised you can even get out the door with an infant at home. Nice job!