Friday, January 15, 2010

Shorleine Run

With a new baby it is tough to update this blog as often as I would like.  However, I'm still getting runs in.  I thought I better post about last Saturday's run before I go out for this Saturday's run.

On the 9th, we had a flat run at Shoreline Park in Mountain View.  This route is close to my house (maybe 10-15 mins away).  I generally start at Stevens Creek Trial and run to Shoreline Park.  This time we started at shoreline and ran towards and in the wetlands.

A few people I run with were running a race on Sunday (the Angel Island run).  I considered signing up, but it was already sold out by the time I decided I might run it.  I was not completely committed so I did not feel bad about missing.  Since most of the runners had a race on Sunday, the run was only going to be 6 miles.  3 miles out and then back.  I planned to run 10 miles.

This was the spot of the horrible half marathon I ran last August.  I ran the Sankara iwalk.  The race started last and it was very, very hot.  After a few miles I had to start walking.  Someone that I normally run with also ran the race and ended up passing out.  This past Sat, unlike last August, the weather was nice and cool.  Just how I like it.

We ran out through the wetlands and enjoyed the views.  The 6 miles went really fast.  It is a major difference running a flat short course than many miles on hills.  It is nice to give your body a little break while still getting out there on a trail and enjoy nature.  Shoreline is more crowded than some of the other trails in this area but the paths are wide enough that you have plenty of room even if another group of runners are around.

After the 6 miles I continued along.  We ran back to the car and then I headed off from there.  I planned to go two miles towards Stevens Creek Trail.  About mile 7, I started having the urge to use the restroom!  I hate it when that occurs.  I decided that I should turn back because the nearest restroom was near my car (a mile away).  The problem with the Shoreline trail is that it is too crowed and you can't go behind a bush.  I started running back, but had to go very slow because my bladder wanted to explode.  I made it to mile 8 (it took a while to get there) where the restroom was located.  I then ran 1 mile in the direction I started and turned around to finish my 10 miles.  The last two miles I finished strong.  Overall, it was a nice run save for mile 7.

Here are a few pictures, as you can see it is very flat.

Here is a picture I took while running of the group:


Julie said...

Hi Tim,
I always enjoy your posts because you always include pictures of your long runs! It must be nice being able to run with a group. It looks like everyone is having a good time:)

I hope Brooklyn is doing well, I am sure that she has grown so much already:)

I am curious, On average how many miles do you run in a week?

Have a great weekend Tim!!

Meg said...

Rest room stops are the bane of my existance and always, always happen during a race! I've learned to live with it and pick unoccupied potty lines. My husband has actually stopped and waited for me during our marathons!

Anonymous said...

Your running group looks like a good one. Always smiling! It is great you're still running- I know having a new baby in the house certainly changes a lot of things.

Julie said...

Hi Tim,
Your running schedule is pretty similar to mine. I do the same thing, I try to run 3 to 5 mile runs two to three times a week and then do my longer run on the weekends. I wish I could ramp up the miles on the longer run, but living in Minnesota it is challenging. My options are to run outside in the snow and ice, running on the dreaded mill, or to run a hundred times around a track:) Hmm, which one would you choose? I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your next long run!

Tricia said...

Great pics!