Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rancho and Hidden Villa Run

I was not sure if I was going to make it for our Sat long run.  Before I left work on Friday night I started feeling under the weather.  My throat was sore and I was feeling very hot.  I got home and just felt worse.  I generally watch baby Brooklyn at night after work so that my wife can go to bed early and get some sleep from about 9pm until 1/2am (I do a 11pm or so bottle feeding). Friday night I felt horrible so had to go to bed early (before 9pm).

Our running group planned to meet at 7:13am at Rancho so I questioned whether I would make it.  However, I woke up early (about 5 am) and felt okay.  I tried to get another hour in and felt better when I finally got out of bed after 6am.  So I decided to go on the run.

We started at Rancho Santonio and started early to make sure we got parking.  If you go there on the weekend, it seems you have to get there early otherwise parking can be a problem.  The lower lot was already filled and the upper parking lots were getting filled. From Rancho we were running to Hidden Villa in order to see new baby cows that were born (not my idea) and then we would make our way back. 

It was a beautiful day.  There were strong chances of rain but we stayed dry the entire time.  The clouds even cleared out for part of the run.  There were lots of hills; some of them very steep. Getting out to Hidden Villa took about 6 miles with some tough hills.  After seeing some animals we took the Hostel Trail back (very steep parts).  I felt good the whole way.  It was tough at times and some hills I had to walk for short periods (too tough), but it was great being outside.  We had a large group today (8 of us).  I generally stayed with the front of the pack . . . which is great because you get to rest at the top of the hill when we regroup!  I love regrouping.  It makes me want to run faster up the hills so I have more time to rest at the top.  :)  At mile 13 we hit a trail that could take us back if we go left or go longer if we go right.  Some wanted to run longer; while others wanted to head back.  I ended up heading back with the majority of the runners.  The run ended up being 15.1 miles (I was very glad I headed back at mile 13).

The only negative factor was that about mile 14, I sprained my left ankle.  I looked back to make sure we were not leaving a runner too far behind and ended up landing on something.  My ankle was (and still is) sore.  I have iced it and it seems to be getting better.  I'm not sure if I can run on Monday, but I'm hoping it will allow me a short run on Tuesday.  So it does not feel that bad.  Fingers crossed.

Here are some pictures with some notes (sorry about the quality of my pictures, I take them with my iphone):

We are still at Rancho in the above picture and going up
one of the first Hills.  The sun was coming out,
but it was very cold at first.
My fingers (even with gloves on) were freezing.

A picture of some of the runners heading up a hill (great day)

A look at the silicon valley:

At Hidden Villa (about 6/7 miles into the run) - one of the animals we saw:

The Mother cow and, trust me, the baby cow is in the hay behind mother cow (if you click on the picture and look very, very close you can see the top of the baby cow)

Up the Hostel Trail:

We ran to the historic windmill (no windmill anymore, just a sign of where it used to be):
A view from the route back:


Julie said...

Hi Tim,
You seriously have the best pictures!! Your running route for this past weekend looks amazing! The hills are hard for me too and I always end up slowing down due to them.

I am sorry to hear about your ankle...take care of it!!

Have a great Monday Tim!!

ShutUpandRun said...

Beautiful. I am officially jealous.

Anonymous said...

Your group seems to find some really beautiful places to run. If the hills around here looked like that, I would do them more often. Hoping your ankle recovers quickly!
It must be the time of year for viruses- I'm still recovering too.

Tricia said...

Lovely pictures. Hope your ankle gets to feeling better!

Becca said...

Thanks Tim for the review of Rancho and Hidden Villa. It is a good half way point for my running buddie in SF and me here in Santa Cruz, now I gotta go their and check it out for myself!

Lisa said...

Hi! It's my first time stopping by your blog and wanted to say 'hi.' This trail looks amazing! Sounds like you and your group had a great time! I wish there were trails like this close to the city. Maybe I'd get off the road and try a trail run!