Saturday, May 21, 2011

I hate the scale!

My training for the SF marathon I think is going well.  I am running my tempo and speed runs faster.  I'm doing more hill work than I ever have for a marathon and can tell I'm getting stronger on the hills.  I'm pushing my long runs at a faster pace.

Yet, today after many months I stepped on the scale and was . . . 10 pounds heavier than I thought!  What the Frak!  I don't feel heavier.  I'm so disappointed and have complained so much about it that my wife is tried of hearing about it.

It is so frustrating because my training seems to be going well and I feel good as far as my body.  Well, now it is time to really get focused.  I have a two step plan to get those 10 pounds off:

(1) Increase the weekly miles.  I have been slowly building up the miles, but now is the time for 40 plus miles each week (only so much time with the job, teaching and the baby . . . I've just got into the 30s the last few weeks) with a buildup to the mid-50s.

(2)  Watching what I eat.  With me running faster or pushing my speed and tempo runs, I've not really worried about my food.  I always try to watch what I eat, but I think I've been eating too much pasta.  So, I need to cut back and have more salads.

My wife tells me to just focus on how I'm running.  This morning, I went up a one mile tough hill and went up it significantly better than I had three months ago (the last time I ran it).  So, I'm doing good with my fitness.  But, I'm still need to lose the pounds.  I started running because I was very much overweight.  I lost 60 pounds as I trained for my first marathon.  Thus, I know I can lose these 10 pounds.

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Johann said...

This can be very frustrating and as you get older it gets worse. Some of the extra pounds can be muscles. I'm 47 now and have to run at least 75km (46 miles) per week to be able to eat what I want and still drop weight. Ten years ago that was 60km per week (37 miles).