Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still resting my knees, but many running books

Another week with zero miles.  It is really tough to not run when you want to run. I plan to have my first run since the SV marathon next Sunday (which will be four weeks off).  Not sure how far I'm going to run, but I will run.  I am 90% sure that I will run the 5K Turkey Trot in San Jose.  They have a 10K, but with the time off I'm not sure I'll be up for a 10K.  So I'm planning to run an easy 5K (it might only be my third run since the time off . . . assuming I stick to the plan). I was able to get some workout in this week, mostly on the elliptical.

I was also really excited to have been included in an e-mail chain of runners that I ran with during the summer regarding winter runs.  It seems that we will be planning winter runs on the weekends throughout the bay area .  I'm very excited to explore new areas and to run with people I enjoy being around.  Very exciting.

I also talked my family in So. Cal about running a half marathon with my next year.  There is a half marathon in Redlands in April and a half marathon in Newport Beach in May.  The Redlands run is near my younger sister's house.  Her husband wants to run that one.  The Newport Beach run seems like a fun run along the beach and is closer to my older sister's house.  Both my brother in law (younger sister's husband) and older sister have told me that they will run with me.  I'm thinking the half in Newport Beach would be nicer.  It also might work better with my schedule.  My wife will be returning to work in April so it might be tough to make the Redlands half.  It will also be great to run another race with my older sister.  About 1999, I ran a 5K with my older sister in Riverside (the Mission Inn run).  We had a great time running together.  Until I started running again in 2008, the 5K was my only race.  The only negative about the 5K is that I cannot remember my time.  It was either 20 mins or 21 mins . . . I think.  I've tried to find the results online, but no luck.

I also was able to accomplish my running goal for the week.  That goal was to buy a running book.  I actually went a little crazy.  I tend to travel a lot (sometimes too much) for work so I thought having extra books were okay.  But, I don't think I needed 6 running books.  I bought:

(1)  The Runner's Rule Book.  This seems easy and fun reading.  As my car (now former car . . . I traded it in) was getting washed I read it a little.  It was good and I think it will be a good gift to people I know who are just getting into running.

(2)  Hal Higdon's Marathon, the ultimate training guide.  For my first marathon, I used Hal Higdon't training program so I thought I would read more about his advice and programs.

(3)  and (4) are two Peter Pfitzinger books:  Advanced Marathoning and Road Racing for Serious Runners.  I've read on a number of blogs good things about Pfitzinger so I thought I'd buy these two books.  I looked through the table of contents and they seemed interesting.  Plus, with "fitz" in his last name . . . the guy has to be good.

(5)  Brain Training for Runners.  It was recommended.  I looked through it and it seems useful.

(6)  Galloway's book on running.  I'm not sure why I bought this one.  I guess I liked his simile or something.  I really can't think of a reason why I bought it.

Still waiting on some of them to arrive


Mark said...

I like running books!! Glad you'll be back on the roads soon

Bootchez said...

Just stumbled across your blog, and plan to read a little more about you . . . Another book about running that is really fantastic is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I'm always looking for books about running and this one has to be the most entertaining I've read, a real page-turner.

PS "Too many books" is a phrase that makes no sense to me ;-)

Lisa said...

Hey Tim, thanks for the follow on my blog. Great to find a fellow bay area runner. I was just in Barnes & Noble last weekend browsing running books and saw a few on your list that interested me, specifically the Hal Higdon book and Brain Training for Runners. I'll be interested to see what you think of them. Hope your knees feel better soon so you can get back to running.

Tim F. said...

Hi Bootchez, thanks for stopping in. I actually almost bought "Born to Run" when I was buying some of my other books. That one is definitely on my list.

Tim F. said...

Hi Lisa, it is always great to find fellow bay area runners. It's a great place to live for running.