Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Turkey Trot 5K Race Report

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Here are some things that I'm thankful for:

  1. My wife who is awesome and never gets in the way of my running. She always supports me in anything I do. She is also unreal to be carrying a baby for already 34 plus weeks.
  2. My baby on the way.  I can't wait for her to come (due date Jan 4th) and cannot wait to take her on runs (already have the stroller).
  3. My family. Especially my mom and sisters who are always there to support me.
  4. My job that I really love and enjoy.
  5. The ability to run.  Even though I'm slower than I like, it is such a blessing to just be able to get out there and run (some people due to injuries or disabilities can't).  I don't really understand why I stopped running for maybe 6 or 7 years.  I think I just used the excuse of "too busy" and did not take out the time to run. I'm glad I changed that thinking.
  6. that although my left knee still gets sore, it holds up and lets me run.
  7. My pets (Jake and Jenny, the dogs and Kobe, the cat).  I love them so much.
  8. All my friends.  Friends and family make my life is so much more enjoyable.
  9. Running groups.  I'm thankful for the people I met in my running group.  They made training and running the last marathon so much more enjoyable.
  10. Running blogs.  I enjoy reading other running blogs.  I find it interesting to hear other running experiences.  I learn and get motivated by other blogs.  I also enjoy writing on my blog.  It helps me stay accountable and feel part of a running community.
On to the Race Report:

I ran the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot this morning.  Since I took a month off after the marathon, I only ran the 5K.  I was able to get three runs in before (all about 3.1).  The first two runs were slower pace, but the last one on Tuesday I ran at a 8:29 pace.  I was not sure what to expect as far as time for the 5K.  I made a goal of under 26 minutes.  However, I was meeting two co-workers there and was planning to run with them for at least the first mile or 2.  I was not sure what pace they wanted to keep.  One of my co-workers sent an e-mail in the morning that he could not make it because family came early (I think he might have woke up late). My other co-worker met me by the bib pickup.  I picked up my bib a few days early, he had to pick his up.

There were so many people there about 8-11K I guess (hard for me to tell), but it was packed.  I did not expect that many.  Here are a couple of bad pictures that my iphone took:

It was very difficult to get in line.  I had to stand off to the side with tons of other people because the street was packed.  There was no room on the street.  What was great is that I ended up standing next to someone in my running group (he is running CIM and was out with his young son).  I wished him the best.  I was able to touch base with him until the race started.

It took us over 4 minutes to get to the start.  My co-worker, Will, was planning to run next to me.  I wanted to run in under 26 minutes but I forgot my Garmin.  Can you believe that?  I was already well on my way to San Jose when I realized I left Garmin at home.  I had my iphone to check the time, but it is sure not the same.  How could I forget Garmin . . .

The first mile was madness.  It was zig zag trying to get around people.  I guess 50% of the people ignored the pace signs and just stood as close to the front as possible.  There were many walkers who I had to somehow try to get around.  Yet, that sort of makes it very fun.

The first mile went well.  I felt good. I had no concept of pace.  I tried to run hard, without going all out.  I also tried to keep it at a pace that Will could do.  I could tell it was difficult for him to keep up, but he was doing a really good job at staying with me.  I did not want to go faster since he told me that it was getting tough to keep up.  The course remained crowed the entire way, but after I got passed the walkers, it was easier to keep a steady pace.

For mile 2 I slowed down (or tried to) so that I would not lose Will.  He would fall a little behind and then push forward to catch up (or I would slow down a little).  At the mile 2 marker I checked my iphone and it seemed I was about 17 or so minutes (mile 2 was a bit slower).  I talked to Will and told him that I wanted to pick up the pace for the last mile and asked if that was okay.  He said to go a head.  I was a bit unsure if I should stay with him (I did invite him to the race), but it is a race!  Since he seemed okay with me going a head, I took off.  I think I ran the last mile about a 7 min pace.

I came in under 30 minutes.  Minus the 4 minutes that it took me to get to the start line, then I did it under 26 minutes.  My goal!  I'll have to wait for the race results to know my time.  I wish I would have brought my Garmin.  I don't think this was a PR.  About 9 years ago (before I stopped running) in my only other 5K, I think I ran faster.  I can't remember the time. I thought 20/21, but maybe 23/24.  So maybe this is my modern PR.

I waited at the finish for Will to arrive.  It was a great way to start a long weekend!  I love races (when I run good)!


Meg Runs said...

Great job but it sounds like it was a zoo! Those races are still fun because everyone is so pumped and happy! Nice thanks list and congrats on the baby...coming soon! That is so exciting!

Suzy said...

WOW, that is a lot of people! I can't imagine trying to run with so many peopl there. Great job with your 5K!

Beth said...

What a great list of things to be thankful for! That was a really big 5k that you ran in. What a great time with so many people and running with another person. Great race report!

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly- that's a LOT of people for a 5K! You probably ran more than the official distance just to weave through all the people. You did great, even without the Garmin! Sounds like a fun way to start the Thanksgiving weekend. I didn't know you and your wife were expecting- that's wonderful news. Congratulations!

ShutUpandRun said...

You've got a lot to be thankful for and I love that you know and appreciate that!! Hard to believe your daughter will be here in just over a month!! There is nothing so precious as a brand new baby girl.

Great job on the 5k.

Jill said...

Nice gratitude list, very excited for the babay on the way!!! Congrats on a great run!!

lifestudent said...

I cant believe how many turkey trot race reports talk about the crowd! I think my new goal in life is to find an uncrowded turkey trot where you can run your race without actually having to be stuck in the pack. That would be a great way to start t-day!

Tim F. said...

I read in the paper that there were 11K people at the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. With walkers up front, that first mile was tough trying to avoid running into someone. But, I am really happy that there are so many people out there running/walking.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Congrats on the race. Seems like I have a lot of company in forgetting some of the running gear (I recently forgot the body glide, ouchee, on a long run).

GReat gratitude list.

I was reading one of your older posts for 2010 marathons. Think about San Diego, it's a great one. Another one to consider would be Sacramento(I haven't run this one -I want to), it would also be great for a sub 4 hour race. 2010 will be your year. I also have Napa and Big Sur on my list. I have a long list of marathons that I want to run after Boston, these are the pretty, hilly ones. I have been focused on flat and fast ones to BQ.