Saturday, September 19, 2009

9 mile Canadian long run

This Sat. I did my first Canadian long run.  I am in Canada for the weekend and did my run in Brampton (the Brampton etobicoke creek trail)  It was suppose to be only an 8 mile run, but I took a left when I should have taken a right and ended up going 9 miles.  It was a good run.  My avg pace was 8:33.

The trail was nice.  It was paved and not crowed.  A handful of other runners, some walkers, and a few people biking.  I went out a little stronger than a normally do and then just decided to keep a bit faster pace.  I was planning on only running a 9 min a mile pace, but I am so bad at keeping the proper pace.  Yet, I felt good with the pace.

The interesting part is how easy 8/9 miles feels right now.  Especially mentally.  The entire week when I thought about the run I just thought "it's only 8 miles."  And, on the run, I kept thinking only 6 miles left, 4 miles . . . and so on.

I also really enjoyed getting out of the heat.  In the bay area, the past month it has been hot and the long runs.  Today it was cold out (maybe 50 degrees) . . . but that was nice (maybe why it was so easy to keep a faster pace).

Now I have to travel to Houston on Monday, get in a short Texas run.  Then fly back to CA on Wed and start getting ready for my 22 mile long run. "22 miles" sure does not sound easy like 8 miles.

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