Saturday, December 3, 2011

CIM on Sunday!

Good luck to everyone running this weekend.  A lot of good races.

I'm heading out to Sacramento tonight for CIM.  I have someone picking up my bid so that I could spend a good part of the day with my daughter.

This will be my 8th marathon and first marathon with the five fingers!

My goals:

A goal - to PR.  I would love to say break 3:50 but I have not trained as well as I good.  Tough past two months with my grandmother passing away and a lot of work travel.  But, I did complete three 20 mile runs and have felt that I have run strong.  If everything goes great, then I'm hoping to PR.

B goal.  Have a good race.  I would say Break 4 hours, but my PR is 3:59 and a good chunk of seconds so a new PR could end up being 3:59 and a few less seconds.  So, my B goal would be just to enjoy the race and have the best time I can out there.

C goal.  Just finish!  For about the last 10 weeks I have sent exclusively to using the five fingers running.  I have done 3 20 mile runs in them with significantly less knee pain (I can run without a knee brace!).  So just completely the marathon in my five fingers would be great as that will be a record running in "barefoot-type shoes".   If I can finish with no injury, than that will be a B-/C+

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