Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You have got to be kidding me?

My SF marathon training has been going well. I have had three weeks at 50 plus miles and 1 week at 40 miles in the last four weeks.  This week was my planned top week . . . 55 miles.  Then, taper.

The 19 mile run itself went well. It was very hot. Nearly 90 when we finished. As I stated too many times, I hate running in the heat. I was struggling at times, but watched my water better so I felt okay overall. I was trying to end strong, but one of the runners with us had dropped off. So far off that I could not see him. So with about two miles left in the run, I stopped and waited for him. I then ran back with him. With it being so hot, I did not want someone to be left by themselves if they were struggling. So I did not end the last two miles as fast as I would have liked to, but I had a good fast 7 mile hill run on Monday to make up for it.

On Monday, I decided to run out to the farm (where we keep our horse and pony) and back.  It is a good 800 to 1K feet climb uphill for 3.5 miles.  After the run, we then went swimming with cousins and had a BBQ.

I could tell that I was not feeling 100% and then as we got home at night I felt worse.  I tried to go to sleep, but kept waking up with a sore throat.  So somehow I now have a cold.  :(  I went to work on Tuesday but felt horrible so I went home early.  I have to cancel my Tuesday night run in hopes that a little rest will help.  Unfortunately, I have to wake up at 5am to fly out to DC for work on Wed. morning.  Before this cold, I planned to run Wed and Thursday in DC, but now I just want to somehow make it through this business trip and likely need to not run to rest (but I'm taking my running clothes).

Very disappointing, but I suppose it is better than getting sick on race day.

Also, Rachel from Eat, Write and Run has some pictures from our 19 mile run. I just found out recently that she has a blog.  It is a great blog and very exciting to know that I run with someone else that blogs.  Here is one picture she took after our run:

She has more on her blog.


Average A said...

You need to come to SF to run! There's hardly any heat here. :)

Wow, you have had some great training weeks. I haven't even gotten up to that mileage yet & I'm about to start tapering next week -- you should be proud!

Anonymous said...

All this heat training will make running SFM seem like a nice change in pace (literally). It was perfect running weather at SFM last year. Happy taper and good luck!

Rachel said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hopefully a few days of resting and you will be back in running action soon. It's awesome you can run out to the horse and pony from your house! I thought it was far and you would have to drive there.

Thanks for the shoutout on your blog, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Maybe I'll have to bring my camera more often to catch the action of long runs (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) :)