Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No confidence heading into the SF marathon

The SF marathon is this Sunday!!!

I have to be honest and state that I have no confidence heading into it.  I ended up getting sick on July 4th and did no run for a week because I had a very bad cold/flu.  That was suppose to be my last significant training week (55 miles) before taper.  The week of the 11th, I put in 50 miles because I missed a week of running.  However, the miles were hard.  I was still recovering from the flu/cold.  It was tough to run. I ran slower than normal and it was a struggle.  On Sunday, July 17th, I put in my last long run at Lake Tahoe.  I went up there for a weekend getaway.  I ran some hills and the run was just tough.  I struggled.  Here is a short video I took well running (note - I'm not very good at this).

After the long run, when I got back home, I did a speed workout and then started taper (a two week taper).  I have ran a few times (taking it slower), including an 8 mile run this Sunday.  I just don't feel the same as I did before I got sick.  I ran my 8 mile run on Sunday with good speed, but I just felt more tired than normal (especially for only 8 miles).

I'm going to go out and just try to enjoy the marathon.  I've never ran in SF before so it should be quite the experience.  Overall though I'm quite disappointed and not really looking forward to it because of how I'm feeling.  I was doing so great with my training and now just don't feel great.  Oh well what can I do.

On the positive side - I've really enjoyed training as a pacer with the SF marathon group.  I've got to run with some of my old running friends and made new running friends.  It is also a wonderful experience to see people train for their first marathon.  No matter how disappointed I am for me - I'm really excited to see my running friends complete the SF marathon.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your marathon!

Nelly said...

Bummer on feeling sick recently, it seemed like before you got sick that you were really running well. Good luck on Sunday, hopefully it goes well, maybe you will be healthy by Sunday and will feel good. I would just run based on how your body is feeling - maybe it will rally itself by Sunday.