Friday, October 29, 2010

Thinking of my dad and an update

Three years ago (on Oct. 28th, 2007) my dad passed away after a battle with cancer.  I decided to post as I think about him tonight because his death brought me to running.  I started running not to get a time.  I started running after his death because it was a lifestyle change.  It was about being active and doing an activity that could keep me healthy.

I did not smoke like he did (which caused his cancer).  But, I was overweight and at risk for high blood pressure and diabetes.  I used to like running in the past (shorter mileage), but it had been years since I ran.  I decided it was time to start running again.  I also focused on changing my diet (less junk food and more fruit and vegetables).

Since I started running, I ran 4 marathons and a number of half marathons.  More importantly, I lost 50-60 pounds from my pre-running weight.  I have done so doing an activity I love.  I can thank my dad for bringing running back into my life.

. . .  As for an update.  I’m still running.  My next big marathon is CIM in December.  I used “big” marathon because I signed up for a “training” marathon on Nov. 7th (the Morgan Hill Marathon).  It is a bit crazy to think I’m running a marathon as a training run.  Not sure what that means yet, as it is my first training marathon.  I guess I think I’m going to take it easy.  Not go for time.  Just try to relax and have fun.

Sorry for not updating this blog.  It has been very busy at work and with the baby at home.  Brooklyn is doing great.  She is 10 months old.  She is crawling now!  Moves all over the house.  It is such a blessing to have her in my life.  She had her first fever last week.  It was horrible . . . for me.  She did okay.  She was a little miserable at times, but overall she generally stayed happy.  Just less active and hot.  Yet, for a first time dad (with my wife away on business for two nights) it was so stressful.  I was scared and unsure of what to do.  I talked to my sister, neighbor, advice nurse, people at work . . . trying to get a understanding of what to do.  But, we got through that first fever.  I have much more appreciation for my mom after that.

I have some great pictures of the baby that I put up soon.

Oh – I also ran the San Jose RnR Half Marathon.  My wife and sister also ran it.


Mark said...

Good to hear you are running!

Julie said...

Hi Tim,
Hey, welcome back! It is so great to hear that you are running and have a big marathon planned for December. Good luck with that training!

It is always so hard when the baby gets sick....I was the same way...super nervous. I got a little freaked out when they would get those crazy temperatures that spiked! Glad she is feeling better:)

keen said...

Good to hear that your back in running..

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize about the blogging. :)