Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Weekend: The San Diego Marathon

Wow, it has been a little while since I posted.

I have still been running, but it has been very, very busy.  Work is crazy busy.  Then, I have started teaching a class.  And, lastly Brooklyn is now 5 months old.

My day begins with her waking up about 6:30am.  Brooklyn now sleeps through the night!   I play with her while my wife gets ready, then, I’m off to work.  Get home and play with her some more.  Then, we put her to bed about 8:30pm.  Then, I have to get caught up on work and prepare for my class at night.  I also have to fit in time to run.  So, it has been hard to keep up with this blog and to read other blogs.

However, I thought it was time for a quick little post since this weekend I will be running the San Diego Marathon.  My sister is running her first half marathon so I thought it would be fun to join her in San Diego for the weekend and run the marathon.

My training has been okay.  I’m not expecting my best time because my training has only been okay.  I feel that I can run the marathon, but I’ve just been so tired on some of workouts I feel that I only “got them in” but a number of the workouts were not real quality workouts.

I’ve done my Yasso 800s (build up to 10 800s at about a 7mm pace) and tempo runs (followed a plan where I got up to 6 miles tempo pace, 5 min walk, then 6 more tempo miles).  That was hard (my temp pace was between 7:40 and 8mm, I would start a little slower and then build up to 7:40mm).  I also got in an 18 and 20 mile long run.  But, a number of those runs were difficult because my energy level was really low.  But, I got them in. 

I’m going to try to take pictures of San Diego.  When I was in the Navy I spent boot camp and school in San Diego.  It is a great city.  So I will try to enjoy it, even though it might be a major struggle.

Hope everyone is doing great!


Julie said...

Hi Tim,
Welcome back! Oh my goodness, you are going to be running a full marathon this weekend! Good luck to you:) I am running a half marathon on Sunday and then my marathon training starts shortly after.

I am glad to hear that your little one is sleeping through the night:) Wow, She is already 5 months old! Where does the time go?

I wish you lots of luck and have a great time in San Diego:)

Meg said...

Have fun this weekend down here in SD, the marathon is going to be so much fun! You should take lots of pictures and I can't believe your daughter is 5 months old already!