Thursday, October 22, 2009

Only 3 days to go

I have now finished my long runs, my hill runs and my track workout.

The long run over the weekend was only 6 miles.  I ran the last 3 miles harder than the first 3 and finished about a 8:40 pace.  The running group was small since it was only 6 miles, but it was great to see the yello running group again (and for the last time this season).  It is going to be strange to wake up on Saturday and not see the runners that I've ran with the past 6 months.  I will miss running with them.  Hopefully, next year I'll see a lot of them on the trails.

Here is one picture I took of us after the 6 mile run.  I'm in the back

Last year I trained by myself so it was a new experience to run the long runs with a group.  I enjoyed it and would definitely run with running groups in the future.  It was nice to also get to know some of the people in the group.  I thought most of the runners were very nice and made for enjoyable runs (especially the very long runs).  I know I'll miss most of the runners.

A few hours ago, I finished my last track workout.  This was also the first year I did speed workouts on a track.  Tonight, I took it easy and only did two 800s, one 1200 and one 1600. I kept a good pace and felt I got a good, but short workout in.  I think the speed workouts have increased my long run pace.  It will be exciting to see if it pays off in the marathon.

On Thursday I will run my last training run before the big day on Sunday.  I'm planning to run only for 20 or 25 minutes.  I had a good hill run and track workout this week so I plan to take it easy on Thursday.

I also went to the Doctor's today for a physical.  With the news of the recent deaths of runners, I thought it would not hurt to have a physical (it had been over a year).  My doctor found nothing obvious.  So I'm good to go.

Can't wait . . . only 3 more days.  I better get to bed so I can rest up.

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